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an ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean (4,000 miles)

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Now the unknown and persistent emailing owner wants it back, but not before Matty hacks into the unit's Dark Web files and discovers a gruesome series of "snuff" videos involving terrified young women.
Newly released footage shows West being seized by officers in the act of accessing the dark web in a first class train carriage in September last year after months of surveillance.
The dark web refers to a hidden layer of the internet that allows site operators and users to keep their activities hidden.
Assaf set up the gang's account on the Silk Road, an underworld marketplace which ran on the dark web - the part of the internet unseen by ordinary browsers - for more than two-and-a-half years until the FBI shut it down.
With 1.3 million actively interested in the Dark Web the question has to be asked as to the culpability of news anchors and not just Dr Masood revealing information that is likely indeed virtually certain in this case of potentiating behaviours in the wider population that is harmful to society.
He had tried to buy a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device from the dark web, intelligence indicated.
The court heard the packages were bought on the Dark Web - part of the internet only accessible by those using software, allowing users to remain untraceable.
The Dark Web operates out of reach of search engines such as Google, through a deep, interconnected series of websites only available with the use of special encrypted browsers.
Prosecutors say that Herba is linked to the Black Death criminal network who operate on the dark web and he had dealings in "chemicals and poisons" .
They have their email addresses, passwords and social media information for sale on the dark web.
AMAN who bought a handgun and bullets on the 'dark web' was arrested as he attempted to collect the weapon at Stafford Motorway Services.
Jared Cohen, the company's head of ideas, argued that Daesh is using the same internet that "we all enjoy," and therefore "success looks like ISIS (Daesh) being contained to the dark web."
And his source was the dark web - part of the internet used by criminals.