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In Dark Humor and the Tradition of Humor in American Fiction, Su links the theory of the aesthetics of the comic with textual criticism.
It grew out of a panel on dark humor at the 2010 Cinema and Media Studies conference, and so is an anthology of film analysis by professors of film studies for academics in film studies.
Readers of the Guardian and the New York Times Magazine may recognize the dark humor of Tom Gauld, whose sizable new collection of cartoons pokes fun at literature of all stripes--putting a Beckettian spin on Tintin, for instance, and imagining a Bronte sisters video game--not to mention futurism, religion, modern art, and human hubris and frivolity.
Brian Evenson's latest collection of stories recalls the psychological ambiguities of Poe, the dark humor of Kafka, and the radically uncertain entropic worlds of Samuel Beckett's later fictions.
Despite the dark tone of the book, there are moments of levity, and the author has a clear sense of witty, dark humor. There is quite a bit of harsh language, which is something to keep in mind, but most teens will appreciate the humor and fast pace of the book.--Kate Neff.
The collection will include four lacquers, with names and shades that reflect the dark humor conveyed in the film, including: Mysterious Curse, a purple duo chrome shimmer; Buried Alive, a rich brown shimmer; Grave Mistake, a deep red creme and Decades of Dysfunction, a pate pink creme.
Blood, guts, adrenaline and dark humor abound in this modern day grindhouse gem.
Crawford, author of the New York Times best-selling book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work, will close the Annual Convention in Las Vegas with his mix of dark humor and philosophy to bring to life the experience of being a craftsman.
Inspired by true events, and colored by author Gordon Basichis' dark humor, "The Guys Who Spied for China" is an intriguing and entertaining read.
Created by Dmitry Lipkin (creator of The Riches) and Colette Burson, Hung uses dark humor to tell the story of a man fighting to survive personal setbacks that have been compounded by a troubled economy.
A touch of sharp edged dark humor laces some of the verse, adding extra bite to the emotion.
Lady Vengeance is an electrifying South Korean thriller with a strong female protagonist, a bold color palette, and a healthy dose of dark humor. As a pregnant teen, stunning Geum-ja (Lee Young-ae) is taken in by her sympathetic teacher, Mr.
An artist who has become known in the course of a 25-year career for the dark humor of his choreography, Wright is also an award-winning memoirist, and an account of Black Milk's early development is woven into his next book, Terra Incognito, forthcoming from Penguin New Zealand this month.
Andi Kovel injects some dark humor into his dead birds in exquisite blown glass.
Unfortunately, once you accept that, Park makes it clear with unrestrained horror and dark humor that somebody is out to get you.