Darius the Great

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king of Persia who expanded the Persian Empire and invaded Greece but was defeated at the battle of Marathon (550-486 BC)


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Equally entertaining and endearing, Darius the Great Is Not Okay is a must-read if you've ever felt out of place or insufficient.
Additionally, Emperor Darius the Great historically and derisively minimized Gaumata as a "stargazer" and usurper.
They accused the Jews of conspiring to rebel= , so Cyrus in turn stopped the construction of the temple, which would not = be completed until 516 BCE, during the reign of Darius the Great, the grand= son of Queen Esther.
It was carved on the orders of Darius the Great of Persia more than 2,000 years ago and was written in three different languages, using only cuneiform.
The intrepid individual was Henry Cheswicke Rawlinson, an Englishman, scholar, soldier, diplomat and imperial adventurer, and he was copying the vast lists of inscriptions cut into the cliff face on the orders of King Darius the Great of Persia more than 2,000 years previously.
In fact, we now see him decked out in the vetements and accoutrements of Darius the Great.
High on a cliff in the town of Bisitun in Persia is an inscription placed there by Darius the Great of Persia.
Thompson, The Sculptures and Inscription of Darius the Great on the Rock of Behistun in Persia.
(known as Darius the Great, c550 - 486 bc ) King of Persia.
More than 40 historical objects are on display, including the golden dagger of Darius the Great and a golden rhyton with a lion's head from the Achaemenid era.
30 Darius the Great ruled which ancient empire for 35 years?