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king of Persia who expanded the Persian Empire and invaded Greece but was defeated at the battle of Marathon (550-486 BC)

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Most of this chapter is devoted to the decipherment of cuneiform by way of Darius I's Bisitun Inscription and the Achaemenid inscriptions at Persepolis and elsewhere (pp.
Most importantly, this royal order for the return of the weapons by Cyrus' Greeks seems to have a parallel in a Greek inscription from the city of Magnesia on the Maiandros.(18) Either a copy 'from an Ionic original'(19) or a translation from an original that 'was not in Greek',(20) the inscription 'with letter forms of the first half of the second century A.D.',(21) has been considered as 'reproducing the style of Darius I's Persian inscriptions'.(22) Also importantly, with reference to our phrase, this royal letter shows the king addressing someone named Gadatas as his slave: 'The king of kings Darius, son of Hystaspes, says the following to his slave Gadatas'.
Believe it or not, super-sized Darius is Annette's fourth record-breaking bunny.
Whilst Darius is trying to devise a way to raise money there is an earthquake, and its consequences reverberate through the latter part of the novel.
Darius is also a regular organist for the BBC Philharmonic orchestra.
A ONE YEAR OLD golden retriever called Darius is about to begin his training as a guide dog for the blind.
Serena is a wonderful heroine wondering how Darius can be so nonchalant over his mom's kidnapping; Darius is fun as the center of all the activity especially his mom using her loyal Masolimian supporters to try to get Darius to act princely.
Darius is familiar with some of the rising names of Irish kickboxing, but has yet to make it to a live event here.
A source revealed: "Darius is a very good-looking man and Geri and he have become good friends.
Still, after finding out her ex Ben had been cheating on her, perhaps dapper Darius is just the tonic she needs.
Pop Idol hunk Darius is to make a one-off guest appearance in Hollyoaks in what will be his small screen debut.
Darius is only slightly overweight, but everything about him appears tender and fleshy: the heels of his hands and the little underhung bellies of skin between the knuckles of his fingers, his small paunch, the cushions of his cheeks, his chubby iridescent lips.
Darius is the son of the former record holder, Alice, and grandson of another title holder, Amy.
Darius is doing really well in the UK but it became clear their working lives were taking them in completely different directions.