Darier's disease

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a rare hereditary condition marked by dark crusted patches (sometimes containing pus)

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Multiple white papules in the palate: oral manifestation of Darier's disease.
Pemphigus Desmosomes Psoriasis Increased T-cell activity Darier's disease Gene encoding Autosomal intracellular dominant calcium pump (ATP2A2 gene) gene) Dyskeratosis Dyskerin (X-linked), X-linked, congenita TINF2 and sometimes TERT (autosomal autosomal dominant) dominant Disorders Clinical features Histopathological features Defect in [alpha]-helical rod pattern Epidermolysis Blistering of hands and Intraepithelial bullosa simplex feet which heal clefting without scarring.
Darier's disease occurs worldwide, with an estimated incidence of 4 per million per decade (3) and an estimated prevalence ranging from 1 in 30,000 (4) to 1 in 100,000.
Grover's disease, despite histological similarity to Darier's disease, does not share an abnormality in the ATP2A2 gene.
Sonia Freeman, who suffers with the rare skin condition Darier's disease, with husband Leigh PICTURE: Andrew Davies [umlaut]
Dhitavat J, Macfarlane S, Dode L et al: Acrokeratosis verruciformis of Hopf is caused by mutation in ATP2A2: evidence that it is allelic to Darier's disease.
Further, because of the increased risk of inadvertent inoculation, people with other acute, chronic, or exfoliative skin conditions--such as burns, impetigo, varicella zoster, herpes, severe acne, or psoriasis--are also excluded, as are those with Darier's disease, a hereditary blistering disorder.
Darier's disease may look similar to cases of CARP without pigmentary change, but it often will have accompanying nail changes.
Calcium pumps and keratinocytes: lessons from Darier's disease and Hailey Hailey disease.
12] The differential diagnoses of Hailey-Hailey disease included fungal infection, intertrigo, psoriasis, extramammary Paget's disease, acanthosis nigricans, pemphigus vegetans and Darier's disease.
Splinter hemorrhages may also be associated with mitral stenosis, vasculitis, cirrhosis, trichinosis, scurvy, chronic glomerulonephritis, and Darier's disease.
Two of the most common are atopic dermatitis (4) and Darier's disease.
Sonia Freeman, who suffers from Darier's Disease, is now urging support for a major fundraising event to pay for research into the condition.
INTRODUCTION: Darier's disease (DD), also known as Keratosis Follicularis or Darier-White disease, is a rare disorder of keratinization.