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a native of ancient Troy

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He finally returned to Dardan, disgraced and broken.
The brave pavilions on the Dardan plains reinforce the play's satirical tone in which a world has lost its innocence and the center does not hold.
When he meets Lausus, "Now in the Dardan captain/ Anger boiled up higher" (X.
Finally, Gaspay, Dardan, & Legorreta (2007) delivered a very useful meta-analysis regarding the implementation of Hofstede's cultural dimensions in IT research.
Bougherra was sent off after 65 minutes for a challenge on substitute Dardan Rexhepi.
Rangers then had another player sent off after 65 minutes when Bougherra was shown a straight red card for a challenge on substitute Dardan Rexhepi before Hamad found the back of the net with 10 minutes to go to secure Malmo's play-off place.
Rangers had another player sent off after 65 minutes when Bougherra was shown a red card for a challenge on substitute Dardan Rexhepi.
Daniel Larsson sent strike partner Dardan Rexhepi clean through and he hit a cool finish to make it 2-1.
He saw Apollo on the Dardan beach: The waves lay still; the winds hung motionless, And held their breath to hear the rebel god, Conquered and doomed, with stormy sobbing song, And crashing discords of his golden lyre, Reluctantly compel the walls of Troy, Unquarried and unhewn, in supple lines And massive strength to rise about the town.
Dido says, "And may that heartless Dardan, far at sea, / drink down deep the sight of our fires here / and bear with him this omen of our death
Despite the defeat, there were encouraging performances from James Bradshaw (13 points) and Dardan Raka (nine).
Some of the first book's secondary characters also entered the literary imagination of the time, including Dardan (mentioned in the sire de Gouberville's journal) and Guilan le pensif (mentioned in Rabelais's Tiers Livre), not to mention Dariolette, whose name quickly became synonymous with entremetteuse.
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences: Dardan Dine, Musaid Musleh.
I shall never look upon the proud homes of the Myrmidons or Dolopians, or go to be the slave of Greek matrons, I a Dardan woman and wife of the son of divine Venus; but the mighty mother of the gods holds me on these shores.
IF Brommapojkarna are heading for the next phase after strikes from Dardan Rexhepi, Mauricio Albornoz, Jacob Larsson and Nicklas Barkroth made next week's trip to Belfast a mere formality.