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And there was me thinking all those people popping up on my Facebook feed sipping a banana daquiri in front of a fading sunset with their angelic kids dressed head to toe in white actually LIVE like that.
Cool off this season with a frosty blend of Strawberry Daquiri. This slush is made up of fresh lime juice, fresh strawberry and sugar syrup, and can be enjoyed with or without white rum.
Med (0870 442 4400) has one week all-inclusive at the four-star Iberostar Daquiri hotel in Caya Guillermo in Cuba for pounds 259 per person in March.
Cocktail: Daquiri Wedgwood Cuckoo 3 Tier cake stand pounds 55
Inspired by three classic cocktails; Pina Colada, Raspberry Daquiri and Cosmopolitan, the Sainsbury's Cocktail Cheese gift pack contains 3 x 125g disks of white stilton that have been blended with a range of generic spirits from Thomas Lowndes to capture the true essence of these enduring flavours.
Pina Colada flavoured cheese contains pineapple and around 5% Coconut Extract and 2% Jamaican Rum, Raspberry Daquiri contains a handful of raspberries plus around 2% Jamaican Rum and the Cosmopolitan flavoured cheese contains cranberry dried fruit pieces and around 2% vodka.
Whether planning a hen, stag, birthday or a simple get together among friends, you can bet that fun, along with classics such as Long Island Ice Tea, a Cosmopolitan and Strawberry Daquiri will be on the menu.
No chance, then, for the undecideds of Dalkeith to enjoy a picture of their young Westminster hopeful maybe enjoying a strawberry daquiri in Havana's Bodequita Del Medio or perhaps looking out to the Caribbean in Varadero.
Good quality at a good price always adds some extra flavour, right?A daquiri at Finca Del Mar - also very tasty.
The assorted collection, meanwhile, has a Gin & Tonic and an Elderflower Spritz plus two vodka blends - a Rhuby Mule with the addition of ginger and rhubarb; and a Long Island High Tea - alongside two rum (a Berry Daquiri and Spiced Rum) plus two whisky infusions: a classic Whisky Sour, including grapefruit, and a Godson which adds amaretto to the blend.
Guests enjoyed an evening of entertainment, including a surprise performance from burlesque dancer, Daquiri and a caricature artist.
STRAWBERRY DAQUIRI MOCKTAIL (SERVES 1) | Prep time: 5 minutes INGREDIENTS 150g strawberries; 2tsp caster sugar; 50ml lemonade; 1 lime - juice only; 4 ice cubes METHOD 1.