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philosophical system developed by Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu advocating a simple honest life and noninterference with the course of natural events

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Based upon my previous discussions about Dickinson's spiritual characteristics of Daoism and Chan Buddhism, this article further investigates Dickinson's Chinese aesthetic under the rubric of Blandness, Agedness and Oblivion, a strand of poetic development in Dickinson's late years.
While acknowledging that Confucianism differed in being an official cult rather than a devotional religion, she suggests that similarities in its visual and material forms justify presenting it together with Daoism and Buddhism.
Key Words: Daoism, Plato, philosophy, wu-wei, religion, cosmogony
"Disability and World Religions" deftly introduces readers to the rich diversity of the world's religions including Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Native American traditions.
From this book, readers who are interested in the history and development of Chinese thought will see how Wu Zhao broke the barrier of different religions in the Chinese tradition, deftly put Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism together, and created her discourse power and female worship by seeking agency from those female exemplars in various religious traditions.
McDermott then examines Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Islam in chapters six through nine to illustrate how features of these religions might illuminate aspects of the Christian faith.
In "Daoism, Meditation, and the Wonders of Serenity: From the Latter Han Dynasty (25-220) to the Tang Dynasty (618-907)", Stephen Eskildsen (North Callahan Distinguished Professor of Religion, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga) offers a comprehensive and exceptionally well organized and presented overview of historical Chinese Daoist religious texts.
As emperor he encouraged critical suggestions by his court officials, which he often adopted, and lent support to the religions of his day, notably, Buddhism, Daoism, and Christianity.
A blend of mysticism and absurdism, Blue on Blue is a short but densely packed novel that plays whimsically with concepts of alternate time streams, "magical Daoism," pulp-magazine illustrations, parodies of pop-culture icons, and the ever-popular Pygmalion story of the artist who finds his own creation more desirable than the reality in which he lives.
Her essay sets up Gib Prettyman's "Daoism, Ecology, and World Reduction in Le Guin's Utopian Fictions," a reassessment of the importance of Daoism to Le Guin's novels that offers a contradictory approach to Suvin's and Jameson's intense focus on capitalism as the critical moment in Le Guin.
It is also illuminating to read about the influence of Eastern philosophies (Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism) on Western films like Sense and Sensibility and Brokeback Mountain.
Rapp, Daoism and Anarchism: Critiques of State Autonomy in Ancient and Modern China Contemporary Anarchist Studies series; New York and London: Continuum Books, 2012; 303pp; ISBN 978-1-4411-7880-0.
Daoism, another indigenous Chinese philosophy, simultaneously coincided and conflicted with certain aspects of Confucianism as an additional philosophical orientation.
Daoism, Humanism and Paganism are all active faiths in the city.
At the turn of the twentieth century, particularly around the time of the great Korean revival of 1907, the Korean church effectively changed popular Daoism into Christian spirituality, including the very popular dawn prayer meetings.