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Side events with competitions for bartenders, baristas, cooks, confectioners, bakers and sommeliers form an inseparable part of the Danubius Gastro exhibition.
Universities closer to the subjects' homes Ovidius 34.82 Constanta Dunarea de Jos 41.07 Galati Danubius Galati 10.71 Other 6.25 No 7.15 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Reasons for and against the Early Adoption of the Euro in Romania, Acta Universitatis Danubius. OEconomica, Danubius University of Galati, issue 11(5), 56-66, October.
There is so much to see that we decided to get a hotel room, winding up at the four-star Danubius Spa and Conference Hotel outside Visegrad or "High Castle" in Slovak.
Danubius College, Department of Applied Ethics, Faculty of Social Studies, Sladkovicovo, Slovakia.
The claim concerned an alleged expropriation contrary to Hungary's bilateral investment treaty with the United Kingdom, based on the conduct of a 2009 radio frequency tender in which Danubius Radio, a Hungarian broadcaster owned by the claimants, failed to secure a new broadcasting license.
and Danubius KereskedE[micro];hEiz VagyonkezelE[micro]; v.
Much like its title suggests, Danubius Danubia includes a river, the Danube, as a main protagonist.
He has participated in national and international conferences such as Intercultural Communication and Media Dynamics--An International Symposium in April 2009, Interdisciplinarity and Society in the 21st Century in May 2010, both at Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, and International Conference on European Integration--Realities and Perspectives in May 2011 at Danubius University, Galati.
The leading player in hotels in 2012 was Danubius Hotels Rt with value sales of HUF13.8 billion which equated to a retail value share of 10%.
Telecom Global Services Center S.R.L., being located in IRIDE Business Park, according to the same publication.Orange Romania is currently the largest telecom operator in Romania, with 10.2 million clients and total revenues of EUR 449 million for the first half of the year ended June 30.Orange is not the only operator that is providing support services for other countries in the group out of Romania.Vodafone Romania announced last year that it opened the Danubius Regional Network Operations Center, which will provide services to seven networks in the group.
"Globalization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan", ACTA Universities Danubius, 7(3): 208-217.
The meeting took place with the cooperation of the "Danubius" Euro region Association.