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Considerations Regarding the Marketing Destination Danube Valley, Proceedings of the International Conference "Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality --CTTH2011, 29-30 sept.2011, Via Danube, the main street of Europe".Department of Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2011, p.25.
Among other innovations, he is credited with influencing the Danube school, a circle of painters along the Danube Valley, known for their advanced painterly style, printmaking, and etching; for early printing of woodcuts in color; for the full length portrait as an independent art form; and for various techniques intended to speed up painting and standardize technical processes.
The routes will lead the riders through the picturesque Danube Valley, bordering on mild hills through magnificent forests, back through the level to Dillingen.
My girlfriend and I loved our three-day tour of the Danube Valley with its gentle, rolling hills and millpond-calm rivers.
There really is no better way of sampling the very best that the remarkable Danube Valley has to offer than from the comfort of your own floating hotel, with panoramic views of pretty towns, ancient castles shrouded in legend, and picture postcard villages nestling in lovely wooded valleys.
A Viennese Whirl, a four-night break departing every Tuesday in July and August takes a leisurely route through the Danube Valley from Melk to Vienna.
It was only in the early 1990s that the international wine experts began to realise that top Rieslings from this stretch of the Danube valley and surrounding regions could challenge - and, in some cases, surpass - the greatest examples from Alsace and Germany.
Strasbourg is represented by two artists (Hans Wechtlin and Hans Baldung); Nuremberg by seven; Augsburg by nine; Saxony and North Germany by three; the Danube valley by five and Switzerland by four.
Giurgiu city is framed in Olt--Arges sector of the Danube Valley and it is the most pronounced narrowing taking place in Giurgiu region (1-2 km.).
Then it's back on board for Vienna, with a day's scenic ride along the Rhine Gorge and Danube Valley, plus sightseeing tours and free time for relaxation.
Visit the picturesque Danube Valley, the famous Viennese Woods and even the nearby Slovak Republic.
The 1995 vintage was an outstanding one in the central European country, and on the steep terraces of the Wachau - the part of the Danube valley where perhaps Austria's greatest Gruner Veltliners are grown - the noble rot botrytis made its presence felt, adding honeyed richness to the wines.
Andrei, Madalina-Teodora (2010), The Impact of Quality Requirements of the Environment on the Tourism from the Danube Valley of Giurgiu and Calarasi County, Proceedings 5-th WSEAS International Conference "Economy and Transformation Management" (EMT'10), West University Timisoara, Romania, October 2010, Published by WSEAS Press, 61-66.
Both regions are on limestone hills overlooking the Danube Valley with the Great Plain of Hungary beyond.