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French revolutionary leader who stormed the Paris bastille and who supported the execution of Louis XVI but was guillotined by Robespierre for his opposition to the Reign of Terror (1759-1794)

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"Danton is fantastic and we have become really good friends.
The popular Danton returns to Paris to try and end the bloodshed by reminding his former liberators of the ideals they once fought for and which led to the establishment of the republic.
Danton's sports agent, Dave Frost, told the New York Daily News that the arrest "had nothing to do with a gay lover."
However, they have received relatively little recent critical attention in the West, and this study by Janina Falkowska, which examines Man of Marble (1977), Man of Iron (1981), and Danton (1982) in relation to their historical context and reception, provides welcome insight not only into the films themselves but also into Poland in the turbulent years preceding the collapse of the socialist system.
She said, 'You know, Danton, sometimes, blood would just flow from my hands and my feet.
Danton once again added the extra points to spearhead the Philippines 14 points up.
Featured in the panel on translation are poet Kristian Sendon Cordero, Chinese-Filipino writer Joaquin Sy, and Danton Remoto of Radio Singko 92.3 FM.
The idea was to have a permanent rehearsal space to record their "first album proper" as The Lonesome Fire, working with Coldplay producer Danton Supple, giving them time and space to rehearse and write to their heart's content.
10 in Trinity Lutheran Church, 73 Lancaster St., Worcester, with a concert titled "Back to Bach." The program includes Bach's "Cantata 71" ("God is My King") and the "Magnificat in D." Soloists are Jean Danton and Margaret Tartaglia (sopranos), Carrie Cheron (mezzo-soprano), Jason McStoots (tenor) and Thomas Jones (bass- baritone).
Blaze, missing import trio Mike Danton, Jerramie Domish and Gerome Giudice as well as experienced Great Britain international Russell Cowley, pushed Sheffield Steelers all the way before going down 7-5 at Sheffield Arena last Saturday.
There are unexpected perks as well: I met and fell in love with my partner, Danton, through GGC.
The biggest shock came in the three-runner nine-furlong maiden in which Fraternize went off at 1-6, but was beaten by Danton, who was completing a double for Johnston and Fanning.
Henry Danton, a leading dancer with Sadler's Wells, told us we must study with Vera Volkova, who taught their company class.
I would take serious issue on several points: the positive interpretation of Camille's utopian (and sublimely naive) vision of the State as being a reflection of Buchner's own stance; the tendency to identify Danton with Buchner, for example in the advocacy of epicureanism as a global explanation of human behaviour; Danton's interlude with Marion being presented as the antithesis of Lacroix's debunking of it, rather than as self-delusion ruthlessly exposed by Lacroix; the insistence on the idea of Buchner creating idealized visions of womanhood on which the male characters depend (could there be a clearer display of down-to-earth, oft-rehearsed pragmatism than that of Julie calming Danton in the 'September' scene?
His Danton (1899) and Robespierre (1901) displayed his lively historical sense and powerful prose style.