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of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings


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On the other hand, Hertz's close reading focuses on the salvific epiphany of Clizia, which articulates a stratified and changing re-elaboration of the Dantean trope of the donna salutifera, with the addition of Ovidian and Jewish overtones.
recent article, "The Dantean Structure of The Great Divorce,"
Seniles XVII.iii); I then explore Zeno's adaptation of a Dantean figure in his 1710 opera Scipione nelle Spagne.
In the United States, of course, that assumption is ninety percent true; degrees of brownness have been and continue to be the basis for Dantean social and economic oppression.
Two doors up was Dionysis the komodromos, whose Dantean forge rang with clangs and clanks day and night.
The scenario here is not only dark and foreboding--it is positively Dantean in its' bleak portrayal of a world where criminals are held to account for serious crimes.
The author has organized the chapters that make up the main body of her text in four parts devoted to the incivility and greed of the elite in BoccaccioAEs history of courtesy, narrating the elite in BoccaccioAEs writing on politics, the ethical and Dantean framework of the Decameron, and constructing a future for courtesy in the past.
Taking in these lines, Dreher had an epiphany of own, and his Dantean pilgrimage began.
Reagan sits deep in Saul's Dantean circles of hell, his placement particularly visible in the ambiguous The Government of California, 1969, wherein we discover the future president pinioned against the Golden Gate Bridge alongside Martin Luther King Jr., who had been assassinated the previous year; against all reason, Dr.
Other commentators such as Bowers have explained how the invocation of the orderly Dantean setting early in Heart of Darkness emphasizes the more disorderly and sinister hellish world of the Congo formed by distorting European imperialism.
The financing needs are Dantean. According to the Institute of International Finance, the country will need $50 billion from now through 2018, as it sinks into its worst recession since the Second World War.
Professor Alison Milbank gave the second public lecture on Wednesday evening, which invited us to visualise London through the eyes of Dante; tracing similarities in visual language between Dore's illustrations of the Inferno with those he did of Newgate Prison in Jerrold's 'London', she applied a Dantean lens through which Milbank looked to artists working in the present day, such as the paradisial dynamic red buses of Brian Whelan's London.
The immediate context for his now-famous lines about the "real war [that] will never get into the books" is thoroughly Dantean:
Doesn't Mattter': Responding to American Psycho and Its Dantean Agenda," frames a study of Brett Easton Ellis' American Psycho in relationship to Dante's Inferno.
Finally, dwelling on Hegel's early dismissal of Divine Comedy is to overlook the wonderful passage in the Aesthetics on Dantean realism.