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The term comes from a novel entitled A Fugitive Crosses His Tracks, written by Dano-Norwegian author Aksel Sandemose and published in 1933.
A small issue the reader faces with this book is the three languages it employs: it is written in English but discusses translation from Dano-Norwegian to Italian, in most cases citing Ibsen's texts in only the latter two languages and glossing the differences in English.
Norwegian units served with Dano-Norwegian forces during the Napoleonic Wars on the side of the French.
(4.) Landsmal is the written Norwegian language established in the nineteenth century by Ivar Aasen as an alternative to the Dano-Norwegian, or riksmal, that was prevalent in the country.
The omens for Sir Alex Ferguson's own fleet tonight are good, as under the command of another knight of the realm, Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, the Dano-Norwegian forces surrendered after an attack led by Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson.