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the basic unit of money in Denmark


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First-quarter sales rose 9% in Danish kroner and by 4% at constant current to DKK29.3 billion Danish kroner.
Sales growth and operating profit growth reported in Danish kroner are now expected to be 5% points and 7% points lower than in local currencies, respectively.
Sales decreased by 5% in Danish kroner and increased by 5% in local currencies to DKK 26.9bn.
In addition, the company provided out look for 2017 and expects reported sales growth to be 1% to 4% measured in Danish kroner, reflecting a positive currency impact of 1% point.
KOPENHAG (CyHAN)- Denmark's gross domestic product (GDP) rose to 495.6 billion Danish kroner (about 74.3 billion U.S.
One British pound (GBP) is worth approximately 9.43 Danish kroner (DKK).
DUC said it is prepared to invest around 700 million Danish Kroner (Euro 94 million) to extend the Skjold field to drill six new wells, thereby increasing oil and gas production by 33%.
Sales increased by 24% in Danish kroner and by 9% in local currencies to DKK 25.2 billion.
One British pound (GBP) is worth approximately 10.93 Danish kroner (DKK).
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