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United States politician and educator (1927-2003)


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Ambassador Daniel Moynihan more accurately called the resolution an "obscene act."
Later, he was taken under the wing of Senator Daniel Moynihan. From there he went on to serve as moderator of Meet The Press.
His source for this claim, however, is an essay by Daniel Moynihan that was published in 1965, only one year after the act.
First, she missed some obvious contributors: Art writer David Sylvester, Boogie-Woogie author Daniel Moynihan, and dealer Anthony d'Offay all knew Fraser well at one time or another but are conspicuously absent.
* A bill Senator Daniel Moynihan (D-NY) introduced in 1999 in the hopes of transforming the federal government's information classification system was attached to a much-modified version as a rider to the FU2001 Intelligence Authorization Act.
In addition, you may write a letter on behalf of your family member with a disability or local organization to the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee--Senator William Roth and Senator Daniel Moynihan (contact information below)--asking for their support as well.
Daniel Moynihan (D), New York's senior senator, says Moynihan has never said anything about MarketLink, one way or another.
2758), put forth by Senators William Roth (R-Del.) and Daniel Moynihan (D-N.Y.), would allow payment of interest at a rate set within the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
Senior New York Senator Daniel Moynihan and former vice-presidential hopeful Geraldine Ferraro led the Democratic no-show.
Since the publication of Daniel Moynihan's report The Negro Family: The Case for National Action (1965), many scholars have elaborated both the potential and limitations of the family metaphor to conceptualize social and literary experience.
Senator William Roth, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Senator Daniel Moynihan, Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Finance Committee, introduced identical legislation in the Senate on the same date.(33) Although the bill was similar to the President's budget proposal in that it would require recognition of corporate-level gain if either the distributing or controlled corporation were acquired, it differed in several important respects.
Chafee's proposal is co-sponsored by committee Democrats Barbara Boxer of California, Daniel Moynihan of New York, and Bob Graham of Florida.
Now senators Ted Kennedy, Christopher Dodd, Daniel Moynihan and Claiborne Pell say Mr Hume should get the Nobel prize for his outstanding work in achieving the Ulster ceasefires.
The call for black men to adopt their proper leadership role is another old chestnut among nationalists, who ironically seem to take their ideas about black gender relations directly from Daniel Moynihan's racist and misogynist 1965 Report on the Negro Family.