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a breed of small terrier with long wiry coat and drooping ears

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It is said that every living Dandie Dinmont can now be traced to Selkirk's Haining House, a pet called Old Ginger and a poacher's dog caught in a trap.
Meet Lucy, a cross-breed Dandie Dinmont terrier who lives in Dalton with her own Sharon Garraghan.
Curly-haired Paul is a dead ringer for his canine companion Crosby, who is a Dandie Dinmont Terrier - one of the UK's rarest dogs with just 80 born each year.
Mrs Quinn and the former Home Secretary drove together to an animal rescue centre to drop off Laszlo, a rare Dandie Dinmont terrier.
The bottom 10 are the plott coonhound, Dandie Dinmont terrier, Sealyham terrier, German pinscher, Canaan, komondor, American foxhound, harrier, otterhound and, in last place, the English foxhound.
"A Dandie Dinmont. The only dog breed named for a character in a Sir Walter Scott novel--Guy Mannering.
My latest issue of Dog World doesn't talk about "terriers." It discusses Airedale terriers, American pit bull terriers, Australian terriers, Bedlington terriers, border terriers, bull terriers, cairn terriers, Dandie Dinmont terriers, fell terriers, fox terriers, (smooth or wiry), Glen of Imaal terriers Irish terriers, Jack Russell terriers, Kerry blue terriers, Lakeland terriers, Norfolk terriers, Norwich terriers, Scottish terriers (so well described by Wodehouse as looking like Presbyterians), Sealyham terriers, slky terriers, Skye terriers, Tibetan terriers, Welsh terriers, Yorkshire terriers.
. ?Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Club's championship show in Jedburgh Town Hall.
Which animal has a breed called the Dandie Dinmont? 9.
One of the Scottish artist's typically sentimental compositions (right), it showed a Dandie Dinmont and a Parson Russell Terrier waiting for their supper.
Otterhounds, bloodhounds and Dandie Dinmont Terriers also feature in the top ten pup parade of the most vulnerable dog.
Enthusiasts for the Dandie Dinmont terrier from across the UK gathered at Baginton village hall to try to work out how to avoid the breed's extinction.
Enjoying the Dandie Dinmont event were (from left) Robert Dixon, aged 12, with Rosie, show organiser Paul Keevil with Emily and Scarlet and Margaret Russell with puppy Dougie.
The Bedlington was not produced by crossing the whippet with the dandie dinmont. Mr Taylor must have misheard me when I said that the cross was used by those with more imagination than knowledge.
It is thought they were produced from a mixture of Dandie Dinmont, the now-extinct English white terrier, the fox terrier, the West Highland and the corgi, the Queen's favourite breed.