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any of several herbs of the genus Taraxacum having long tap roots and deeply notched leaves and bright yellow flowers followed by fluffy seed balls

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Based on the filaments of a dandelion clock, it's a series of umbrellas: some hanging and slowly rotating as though drifting in a breeze; others bent and crumpled on the floor as though broken in the rain.
Art work, furniture and decorative window panes featuring dandelion clock seeds add to the comfortable features, with young designer Diane Peacock, 19, from Linthorpe, being the youngest person to contribute a unique piece.
Your piece was made c1900 and has a typical Art Nouveau stylised dandelion clock decoration on one side.
SOON I'll be sixty two, and my remaining years seem fragile as a dandelion clock in the rising wind.
THE DANDELION CLOCK (Guy Burt, Black Swan, pounds 6.99)
IT JUST TAKES A LITTLE FAITH: Ira Moody and daughter Faith, launched the Wish campaign by blowing on a dandelion clock MAKE A WISH: Hannah McIntyre joins in the fun
You can make a dandelion clock or a bee, decorate an umbrella, or make a mini-beast mobile.
But the silky, thinning material that behaved so well on your bonce has been transformed into pig bristle and dandelion clock by the time it reaches your facial orifices and promontaries.
One of her photos was a gorgeous,delicate close- up of a dandelion clock, signifying time.
Ellen's entry was based on a dandelion clock and Louisa's was based around a timeline.
It is expected the flower will develop into some sort of giant 'dandelion clock' in the near future.
My mother, who is advancing into her mid-nineties, can whip a soufflY as light as the seeds on a dandelion clock. She could knead dough, which would rise in the tin until it was a loaf of crusty perfection, and she could stir a broth to stubble the chin of a choirboy.
And it will follow the same theme as our two previous hugely successful campaigns - with the image of a Teessider, young or old, blowing on a dandelion clock while making a wish.
And it will follow the same theme as last year's hugely successful campaign - with the image of a person, young or old, blowing on a dandelion clock while making a wish.
Of course, dandelion flowers turn into dandelion clocks ready to spread seeds into the nooks and crannies.