danse macabre

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a medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave

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Stockton's High Street and Riverside will be brought to life with dancing skeletons, giant puppets, music, fabulous costumes and stunning pyrotechnics - all inspired by Mexico's colourful 'Day of the Dead' festivities.
Dancing skeletons, ballerinas and salsa couples performed a new "healthy bones" workout to mark World Osteoporosis Day.
They sketched and colored in drawings on asphalt of dancing skeletons and portraits of the famous, such as Mexican comedian Cantinflas.
The tissue banners ("papel picados"), lively dancing skeletons, miniature altars and sugar skulls help change this time of year from totally scary, "give-me-some-candy" festivities to a time to honor our ancestors.
There will be activities on throughout the weekend such as making glow in the dark badges and dancing skeletons and the centre will be open from 10.
It is a real smash full of dancing skeletons, severed heads and a talking worm
Here we get dancing skeletons, a talking maggot and a head waiter that's just a head.
The Digital Dead(R) screensavers include popular artwork and icons that are synonymous with one of the most chronicled bands in rock 'n' roll history, such as Steal Your Face, Dancing Bears, Dancing Skeletons, and an animated Uncle Sam.
Dancing skeletons, sensory adventures and high flying acrobats are all involved in the programme which runs at venues around the town.
If anything he embraced 'bad' taste: garish burlesque performers, sailors in search of a pick-up, tarts in a Soho snack bar and dancing skeletons.
Dozens of chalk artists blended colors together onto the pavement, creating dancing skeletons that have come to symbolize the tradition.
Their inspiration was Henri's painting of dancing skeletons called Day of The Dead On Hope Street.
The daily parades included a special Hallowe'en version complete with Chip 'n' Dale sporting ghostly white sheets, dancing skeletons and Disney's main attractions, Mickey and Minnie, aboard a Hallowe'en chariot.
Wizard Marc, whose illusions include creating flying fish and dancing skeletons, will make his triumphant return on Saturday, April 12.