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Their first long-play release is vindication for the fluoro-wearing masses who've been waiting for dance rock greatness to happen, because happen it does.
The dance rock act are probably the first local band to play to tour the country ( taking in club and festival dates in Beijing and Shanghai.
While Lesbians on Ecstasy have created a fun party record, the market for their unique brand of dance rock is primarily clubgoers.
At least that was what I thought when a press release for a night called Exile - promising ``rock, metal, rap rock, hip hop, dance rock and crossover'' dropped into my in box a couple of weeks ago.
LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS - Sleeping Faster A welcome return for the dance rock collective, albeit minus lead vocalist Wrekked Train.
While Miami stalwart Tobacco Road integrates some rock into its blues format, Miami's club scene is primarily dance, and West Palm Beach has seen little to combat Respectable Street's alternative dance rock fare.
The set relies heavily on Prophesy, and is equally as effective in blurring the barriers between modern and traditional, eastern and western music, while covering all points from R&B (The Immigrant) and flamenco (Moonrise) to dance rock (Broken Skin) and a Massive Attack-style vibe (The Preacher).
And their fourth album and the followup to 2010's hugely successful This is Happening, has given the cult dance rock act its first US Billboard No 1.
Producer, composer, and beatmaker CRWN opened the night with his distinct electronic sound followed by the dance rock tunes of Autotelic who hyped the crowd with the infectious riffs of their single Gising.
Billing themselves at "the world's first and only all-Asian-American dance rock band," Portland's the Slants play 1980s-driven synth-pop with hard-hitting beats.
Originally from the USA, Jupiter transplanted to the UK for a spell where he put together his sound that he calls Electro Dance Rock. Drawing upon a plethora of influences across generations, his stylistic instincts draw him into Alt-Rock, Punk, Pop, Psychedelic, Glam and Rock & Roll.
The heavy indie dance of opener Talking In Tones could sit comfortably on their debut, others betray a strong Northern Soul influence, So Oh is Doves-esque dance rock.
In between, they dabble with Zooropa-style electronica, pumping dance rock and Killers-esque glitzy rock 'n' roll and even when it feels a little bit painting by numbers, they're still U2 and nobody does it better.
Their singer safely retrieved the band encored with the relentless rythmic dance rock of The French Open and 'Two Steps, Twice, leaving us desperate for the summer festivals and the chance to do it all over again.
DAnce rock act Hadouken take elements of Prodigy, Shamen and Daft Punk to deliver an itchy and scratchy version of all three on their follow up album to Music For An Accelerated culture.