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classical position of the body and especially the feet in ballet

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Although this study has helped analyze the stresses on the spine in a range of static vertical dance positions, it has also pointed to the need for future research on dynamic motions.
My coach Janet made us hold each other in a dance position, bodies pressed together, probably to find out if we were inhibited about touching each other.
Suppression of incoming sensory input from the Ia axons has been suggested by Nielsen1 to be important for postural control in dance, because reflex information transmitted by the sensory Ia fiber could interfere with dynamic balance, and hyperactive reflex circuits may produce unwanted body oscillations when maintaining a static dance position such as a balance on releve.
In this dance position, the subtalar joint is locked with the heel and forefoot in varus position.
K-Pop members sing in unison while switching dance positions in an orderly fashion.
That said, in light of findings on this topic being equivocal within the dance literature, (24,51) it may be that dance experience provides a specific beneficial effect for functional dance movements only, rather than general flexibility and ROM measured in non-functional dance positions or tasks.
As in Step Up, Bom to Dance positions a working-class dancer--In this case, Tu (Tia Maipi), a young Maori man from downtrodden Papakura--in opposition to a white, wealthy, classically trained dancer, Sasha (Kherington Payne).
Not sure the parents of her young fans would be impressed with this bizarre big pants and bra combo, let alone the X-rated dance positions.
Catching or throwing a ball, swinging a bat, karate poses, dance positions and more will grab their interest.
By flipping the pages, the reader is presented with an animation of the consecutive dance positions. The result is a kind of moving image of dance moves that is unique in a printed medium.
So she put us into proper dance positions without actually moving, to get us used to it the waltz, fox-trot and then the cha cha.
The stories had a moral to teach and the plays ended with music and dances using basic African dance positions.
Its cynosure is an encyclopedia of terms in Javanese for particular dance positions and movements, eked out by exquisite line drawings for which we have the talented Marjolijn Groustra to thank.
The program is intended to be used with the choreographic software animation and notation program, "Life Forms" (not included in this package), which allows manipulation of wire-frame graphic figures in space and time using libraries of dance positions to create individual postures and stances.