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the branch of anthropology that deals with the division of humankind into races and with their origins and distribution and distinctive characteristics

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The UCLA Graduate Dance Ethnologists also honoured Kurath in 1986 at an annual forum.
Inspired by the dance writing of Barbara Browning and other dance ethnologists since the mid-1980s, the moving quality (physically and affectively) of Hahn's prose achieves kinesthetic sensation and evokes the reader's empathy.
There is also a wealth of film footage on dance from around the world captured by dance enthusiasts, dance ethnologists, and anthropologists such as Margaret Mead, from as early as the thirties.
Some of this footage would undoubtedly be useful for dance ethnologists. A particularly instructive moment occurs with a close up of Ni Luh's face as she demonstrates the different eye movements used for male and female characters.
"Some Philosophical Considerations Regarding the Cross Cultural Stage Adaptation of Folk Dance." Journal of the Association of Graduate Dance Ethnologists, UCLA 7: 21-24.