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(Ted was 11 years older and had his own dance band).
'KING of the Ceilidh' Sir Jimmy Shand was Scotland's most famous dance band leader, a modest legend who thrilled audiences worldwide.
"Dance bands have got more commercial appeal because they can play their own concerts and reach a whole new audience, rather than just performing in a sweaty club.
"I grew up with a father" who was in dance bands and we had a radio on in every room.
One of the great dance bands of Cuba, they take a modern view of the old son style with guitar, trumpet, percussion and vocals the many players.
Dispelling the myth that dance bands can't perform live, they brought a full live band, complete with bongos, a brass section and an MC.
I remember The Regent Ballroom on Bradford Road where both the Brian Tann and Lewis Hill dance bands used to play on Saturday nights.
NUNEATON people stare and frown, Their Co Op Hall is coming down, The big lead ball is swinging round, Taking their memories to the ground, Cast your mind back to '62 - the Beatles played some love me do, The Hollies, Stones and big dance bands filled the hall with clapping hands, The girls all rocking and dancing for joy with a drainpipe trousered teddy boy!
Helen, also a band leader and writer who has created some of the most in-demand dance bands in England, has worked with the likes of Roy Ayers, David Murray, Asian Dub Foundation and Andy Hamilton.
Both the jam session and the dance bands' influences are perceptively analyzed.
Hogmanay's all-night gig, which includes dance bands Chemical Brothers and Roni Size Reprazent, will go ahead as planned.
His tunes continue to feature in the repertoire of most traditional accordionists and dance bands.The show, featuring live music, is on October 20.
When he returned home he began a career with dance bands, playing at venues including Huddersfield Town Hall, Cambridge Road Baths, St Pat's Club, the Co-op Centre and Kirkburton Drill Hall.
Mr Shaw spoke of how he was kept busy after leaving the Army, performing with dance bands because double bass players were in short supply.