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"They reached out to us and said, 'Hey, we'd like to bring something unique and unusual and cool, something that appeals to everybody,'" says Danau.
Danau Toba is a picturesque 100km long lake nearly 900m above sea level formed by volcanic eruptions 70,000 years ago.
From there they visited Chinese gold mines and then proceeded to Sintang, where they learned about the large inland lake system (Danau Sentarum), and settlements further up the river.
Professor William Symondson from Cardiff University School of Biosciences discovered it at the Danau Girang Field Station in Borneo.
In mid December, PT RRC purhased 43,152 various types of seedlings, such as jelutong, blangiran, coffee, and melaleuca cajuputi, provided by Ulak Batu village, Danau Sembuluh subregency, Seruyan regency, Central Kalimantan - one of 10 partner villages of PT RRC.
Resort and hotel stays include the Putri Duyung Cottage, Sensa Hotel, Danau Dariza Hotel (a boutique hotel which features traditional Indonesian Houses), and Bali's premier Health and Wellbeing Spa Retreat, Bagus Jati.
Dr Goossens established the Danau Girang Field Centre (DGFC) in Sabah six years ago, and spends most of his time in the Bornean jungle on projects to protect endangered species.
Sting, a former front man of rock band The Police, is expected to perform some of his chart-topping numbers, such as OMessage in a Bottle,O OStolen Car (Take Me Dancing),O and OEvery Breath You Take.O Tickets and more information at: http://myticket.co.id/events/sting2012 Mid December (to be confirmed) Lake Toba Festival Lake Toba, North Sumatra Pesta Danau Toba (Lake Toba Festival) is one of North SumatraOs biggest tourism events, celebrating the conservation of environment, its community, traditional cultures, sports, and, above all, reminding people of how Lake Toba was once the source of pride for North Sumatera, indeed even the whole of Indonesia.
Periodically, local controversies arose over planned developments near sacred sites in the mountain watershed areas of Bedugul and Danau Bratan, and along the coasts and rivers at Uluwatu and Yeh Poh, (4) for example, in most cases without decisive rejection, and sometimes proceeding surreptitiously without official approvals.
Cardiff University's School of Biosciences is working with the Malaysian Sabah Wildlife Department to provide a field centre, called Danau Girang, within the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, shown in Figure 1.
HOLOTYPE: INDONESIA: Sulawesi Utara: Dumoga-Bone National Park, Danau Mooat, 0.75694[degrees]N 124.4625[degrees]E, 1,100 m, 31 Jul 1985, Royal Entomological Society of London: Project Wallace, Pandanus sp.