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Jean-Yves Meyer, Basin of the Danaides: How 3-D Printing Will Push the Limits of International Gun Control and Digital Freedom of Speech in the Twenty-First Century, "41 DENV.
Esto indica que, en cierto sentido, Argos recibe ayuda de Atenas en una causa humanitaria cuando la propia ciudad, en un evento casi fundacional, habia prestado su ayuda a las Danaides en una causa tambien humanitaria.
Flying from Glasgow on May 27, seven nights in Malia, Crete, at the three-star Danaides Apartments costs from PS259 per person.
In Greek myth, how were the husband-murdering Danaides punished?
Silviu Purcarete, in 1996, staged a memorable adaptation of Aeschylus entitled "Les Danaides".