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United States writer of humorous stylized stories about Broadway and the New York underground (1884-1946)

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"Dad says he got the name from a Damon Runyan character."
The setting may be the Dublin suburbs but it's familiar territory - it's just like Damon Runyan's New York or even Gay's London.
Written in the Damon Runyan mould, they bring a smile to the normally hard-headed gambling world.
Mrs SKirkcaldy AThe lovely Miss Adelaide was beautifully played by Vivian Blaine in the 1955 movie of Damon Runyan's yarn.
She's a rollicking, roistering broad straight off the pages of a Damon Runyan novel, a breath of badly needed fresh air among the pee hee-ers and double talkers surrounding some stables.
(Read the PR guff and, saints preserve us, you get Damon Runyan lobbed in there as well).
The client, by the way, was something out of Damon Runyan, with offices on the third floor of a seedy walk-up in the east seventies in New York City.
The new film stars Taylor Cole, who's stunned in past Hallmark movies like "My Summer Prince" and "Christmas in Homestead," and Damon Runyan, who, with movies like "One Starry Christmas" and "Valentine Ever After," is also no stranger to the network.
Fans will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Giorgio Tsoukalos of 'Ancient Aliens,' Brandi and Jarrod of 'Storage Wars,' Damon Runyan of 'Gangland Undercover,' Justin Mott of 'Photo Face-Off,' and the cast of 'Celebrity Car Wars,' which includes Filipino celebrities such as KC Montero, Joey Mead King and Marc Nelson, and professional car driver Gaby de la Merced.
Cleckheaton & Spenborough Amateur Operatic Society are presenting Guys & Dolls, the Frank Loesser music and lyrics inspired by the larger-than-life characters of Damon Runyan.