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a native or inhabitant of Damascus

a design produced by inlaying gold or silver into steel

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inlay metal with gold and silver

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(of metals) decorated or inlaid with a wavy pattern of different (especially precious) metals

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Historians describe al-Rabweh in that period as a place where cafes, parks and wooden chairs spread on the banks of Barada River, in addition to the orchards which are rich with all types of fruits along with the blossoming flowers as they had been visited by the Damascene people for entertainment and on the holidays, Awad added.
ownership, and consumption patterns of Damascene men and women, urbanites as well as those of Bedouin extraction (when mentioned in the sources), of items of survival (i.
According to Al-Hajri, investing in Damascene goats is profitable and can result in profits of 400 to 500 percent since the goats can give birth twice a year.
Damascenes (who were quite typical of residents in other Ottoman towns) never developed the habit of keeping private journals in which they expressed themselves directly or jotted down the words of others.
The reason usually given for dual damascene is that copper can't be etched.
The 4520XLE is capable of the critical via and trench etching needed to produce all currently proposed dual damascene structures for 0.
He asserted that the Damascene oriental leathers are characterized by their decorations and drawings inspired from environment and their historical and civilized features.
In the damascene approach, you no longer lay down metal lines on fiat dielectric slabs.
Damascus, SANA- Damascenes are known and endowedwith a good reputation in wood inlaying craft, theancient Syrian craftsmanship in which thegrandfathers innovated a lot of methods to improveand maintain it to be shifted to the grandchildrenthroughout time.
Damascus, SANA -- Two invaluable paintings containing Arabic script written with ink made out of Damascene flowers are masterpieces of a Syrian artist whose paintings could access the Museums of the Vatican and Saco.
The activities include a Damascene traditional handicrafts exhibition, an open-air cuisine exhibition, a bazaar, and oriental music performances in al-Tekiyeh al-Sleimaniyeh in Damascus Old City, in addition to cleaning campaigns inside and around Damascus Citadel.
For example, the latest offerings in Lam's 2300(R) Exelan line employ in situ processing to integrate the complex sequences of dual damascene stacks and to combine mask opens with contact etches into single in situ operations.
DAMASCUS, (SANA) - The local markets are rich in the ancient Damascene chandeliers with various types, designs and shapes as they are used for decorating the mosques, churches and palaces.
Several stories were narrated about the Damascene Sword.
Providing a simplified dual damascene process flow, the system combines multiple sequential etch and ashing steps in a single chamber to reduce cycle time and operating costs.