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a native or inhabitant of Damascus

a design produced by inlaying gold or silver into steel

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inlay metal with gold and silver

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(of metals) decorated or inlaid with a wavy pattern of different (especially precious) metals

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For centuries, Damascene families have established themselves as kings of the trade, like the Naasans, the Nuqtas, the Mzannars, Al Shkakis and the Mtinis.
DAMASCUS: During a recent meeting of Damascene merchants, talk turned to the case of a colleague detained by Syria's powerful and dreaded state security apparatus.
Leila Jandali, an exhibitor at the pavilion, says her company, D & D Toledo, has been practicing the Damascene process of designing decors, which originated in Damascus centuries ago, for 200 years.
Krishnamoorthy, "Effect of surface treatment on electromigration in sub-micron Cu damascene interconnects," Thin Solid Films, vol.
"The Uprising and the New Syria: Islamists Rise in Raqqa while Damascene Christians Dodge Fire" By Matthew Barber Syria Comment repsonds to accusations of bias towards the Assad regime.
I WELCOME repentant sinner George Osborne's Damascene conversion on inheritance tax.
Murad's paintings describe the old Damascene alleys with their rich colours and continuous motion.
There is no Damascene conversion here: just a political retrenchment to ease a pinchpoint in an attempt to recover some of the rural vote for his unpopular party.
Les cadres du mouvement relevent qu'a l'exception du chef du gouvernement du Hamas a Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, tous les pretendants appartiennent a la direction en exil qui a quitte sa base damascene pour se dissocier de la sanglante repression en Syrie.
A metaphysical journalist in search of echoes rather than analogies, hints as opposed to verities, Kociejowski discovers once again at the periphery of Damascene society--for the outcast is often made of the very thing that rejects him--a way to understand the challenges and changes refashioning post-9/11 Syria and the Middle East, reminding us of the deeper purpose of travel: to absorb and understand the spirit of a place, and to return changed.
Towards a measure of "light" an experience almost Damascene is the transmogrifying effect when, for five seconds, the darkness lifts.
Remembering the record of his party on this subject this is a Damascene conversion.
The dried herbs assessed were juhua (Chrysanthemum morifolium), honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica), jasmine (Jasminum sambac), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), rose (Rosa damascene), osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans), duzhong (Eucommia ulmoides), jiaogulan (Gynostemmapentaphyllum), lemongrass (Cymbopogon citrates), and yerba mate (Ilexparaguariensis), many of which are popular teas in a number of Asian countries.