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the branch of engineering that deals with the interaction of surfaces in relative motion (as in bearings or gears): their design and friction and wear and lubrication

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Most studies of the rock body are conducted from the angle of material microstructure and literatures about researches of freeze-thaw mechanics with the method of damage mechanics are few.
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The textbook is for a graduate course in computational solid mechanics, so he introduces the classical theory of elasticity, continuum mechanics, fracture mechanics, peridynamics, solid modeling plasticity, and damage mechanics. He does so with a critical eye, however, because his real goal is to develop a theory that is sufficiently true to physical reality, sufficiently comfortable for the human mind, and sufficiently computer-friendly.
With the development of damage mechanics, the study on damage evolution law and failure mechanisms of rock was successfully used to deal with the constitutive response of rock.
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The nonlinear fatigue damage accumulation models can be classified into the following categories: damage curve based approaches [4], continuum damage mechanics models [5-8], interaction between various loads considered models [9-11], energy based methods [12-16], physical properties degradation based model [14, 17, 18], ductility exhaustion based methods [19, 20], and thermodynamic entropy based theories [21, 22].
In elastic damage mechanics, the elastic modulus of the jointed material may degrade and the Young's modulus of the damaged element is defined as follows [34] :
Edited peer-reviewed papers by researchers from 24 countries, which were presented at a September 2009 conference, highlight the latest theoretical, computational, and experimental research on fracture and damage mechanics as well as structural integrity and durability.
The multiaxial viscoelastoplastic continuum damage model combines elements of viscoelasticity, continuum damage mechanics, and viscoplasticity to model the material's behavior.
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