Dama dama

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small Eurasian deer

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The evening of Tuesday the 26th of November in the Goose on a String Theatre offered a mystical, truly theatrical performance by the Central European percussion ensemble DAMA DAMA.
The latter was made up of members of DAMA DAMA (Dan Dlouhy -- percussion), Ars incognita (Katerina Novotna -- flute, Libor Novotny -- clarinet) and Marijan (Marketa Dvorakova -- keyboards, and Jan Kavan -- cello) conducted by Emil Skotak.
The music, performed by members of the Ars Incognita, Marijan and DAMA DAMA ensembles brings together the typical app roaches of the last fifty years, underlining the impact of the and only at a few points lingering to play with an extract of text.