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Dal was firm politicians who are emblematic for the hardships during the painful transition of the country from Communism to democracy, such as Ahmed Dogan, must go into retirement.
I have nothing against Mestan, but he will be the one taming the fires," said Dal.
Dal and Ismailov broke off from DPS back in January 2011 after scandals caused by a conflict between Dal and Dogan.
After some two decades of close political and personal friendship, including with respect to the establishment of the local DPS organizations all over Bulgaria, Dal criticized Dogan publicly for the latter's involvement with the former State Security, the secret police and intelligence of the Bulgarian Communist regime.
After Dal was excommunicated by the DPS leadership, he was joined by Korman Ismailov, a former head of the youth organization of the DPS party, who left the party and became an independent Member of the Bulgarian Parliament.
Our goal is to cover the entire country even though our strongest support comes from the regions that know well Kasim Dal and me," Ismailov explained.
Even though Dal is known to have good relations with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, his ally Ismailov did go on to criticize the current Borisov Cabinet for its economic policy because of its overreliance on infrastructure construction.
Ismailov said in September, he and Dal are to bring together an initiative committee that will organize an assembly to found the new political party.
There have been indications that the new political formation to be founded by Dal and Ismailov may have closer relations with the Turkish government in Ankara than the DPS party.