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a native or inhabitant of Dalmatia

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a large breed having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots

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We are very excited about the Bendon and Dalmatian combination.
Gemma's mum Sue, 61, a retired childminder, said Dalmatians are definitely the dogs for them.
Our secretary remembers one Dalmatian years ago who gave birth to 19, but the average litter is about eight or nine," she said.
101 Dalmatians is also being released in a DVD double-pack with 101 Dalmatians 2 and a free gift of a plush beanie puppy, for a limited time only.
SAVAGED Niamh Smith, two, who was attacked by her pet Dalmatian.
The sales reps are now known as the "green" people in the industry, and customers and media have latched onto the Dalmatian enthusiastically.
Cute Minti became a bonafide movie star when she played spotless dalmatian Oddball in Disney blockbuster 102 Dalmatians with her dynasty of celebrity siblings.
These flavors, available for a limited time, include Chocolate Dalmatian Sensation, featuring chocolate and vanilla ice cream, a fudge swirl, and candy Dalmatian puppies; and Spotacular Vanilla, a special Grand Light edition, serving up chocolate spots swirled through a fudge-striped vanilla ice cream.
However, she quickly changes her spots and schemes to recapture the puppies and create the most magnificent dalmatian coat ever.
The Dalmatian breed originally came from a place called Dalmatia, part of Croatia in the former Yugoslavia, In the mid-1800s, these dogs were brought to England that trained as carriage dogs.
Kruno Prijatelj, a leading expert on Dalmatian painting, however, disappoints as he presents little more than a listing of artists working on the east coast, culminating with the wonderful Giorgio Schiavone.
A DALMATIAN dog-dumping scandal can be revealed by the Sunday Mercury today.
A discovery was made at its Dalmatian exploration well with a bottom hole location in De Soto Canyon Block 48, while its Manhattan exploration well located in Lloyd Ridge 511 was unsuccessful and has been plugged and abandoned.
Ecopetrol America has a 30% interest in the Dalmatian South prospect.