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a historical region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea

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5 LOPUD ISLAND, DALMATIA A week halfboard from PS574pp There are no cars on Lopud and no busy streets or crowded bars - it's a bit like stepping back in time.
Luke left Rome to preach the Gospel throughout Italy, Dalmatia, Libya, Egypt, and other regions.
It expands the buyer's branch network by 33 offices, located all over Croatia except for the Lika region, Dubrovnik and South Dalmatia, to 130, boosting OTP Banka Hrvatska's weaker footprint in Zagreb and Slavonia, the company has said.
The contributors examine the crusade of 1442 and of 1443 in the Balkans, the Venetian-Ottoman peace of 1479, the commentary of Jacques Ammannati in 1469, crusading under Popes Nicholas V and Pius II, activities of Greek and Roman theology, Moree at the end of the fifteenth century, the capture of the Bosnian kingdom, cultural transfer in the Italian Renaissance, Bonfini on Dalmatia, some families of Dragomans, the crusade of Amadeus VI, the sources of Monaci, ship owners in Ragusa, the Hungarian-Ottoman truce of 1468, Sigismund of Luxembourg and the Patriarchate of Aquileia, Malta, and strange things that happened at the time of the Council of Florence.
com)-- On September 26, Nutritionist Christina Major presented Eating Healthy for Disease Prevention to the Dalmatia, PA Kiwanis Club.
Others added this year include the worship of the Hung kings of Pho Tho in Vietnam, the Buddhist chanting of Ladakh in India, the Dancing Devils of Corpus Christi from Venezuela and Klapa multipart singing from Dalmatia in Croatia.
Dubai investment firm Arqaam Capital are reportedly planning to build a luxury hotel on the historic island of Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia.
The younger boy was from a mixed Serb-Croat village in Dalmatia.
Dalmatia was part of the Venetian empire until 1797, when Venice was ceded to Austria.
Farming villages sprouted swiftly in this coastal region, called Dalmatia, nearly 8,000 years ago, apparently with the arrival of Middle Easterners already adept at growing crops and herding animals, says archaeologist Andrew Moore of Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.
Mitchell J Schlesinger, the company vice president of sales and marketing, said 'Many experienced cruisers who have sailed the waters of the Mediterranean have only scratched the surface of this beautiful, historically-rich region with brief visits to Sicily, Dalmatia and Greece.
4 Split, Croatia - The gateway to Dalmatia, pictured above, will please culture vultures and outdoor lovers.
Northern Dalmatia is a stretch of Croatia's stunning Adriatic coast and perched on a peninsula is the lesser-known port of Zadar.
The Italians of Dalmatia From Italian Unification to World War I.