Dall's sheep

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large white wild sheep of northwestern Canada and Alaska

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Wildlife managers in Alaska were familiar with numerous situations in which unrestricted hunting of male moose (Alces alces) and caribou (Rangifer tarandus), which also have complex social structures, had resulted in far lower sex ratios and much greater skewing of age structure toward young males than three-quarter curl only hunting had ever caused in Dall's sheep, yet far greater consequences from harvesting males were being claimed for sheep.
The Dry Creek studies focused on Dall's sheep associated with a large mineral lick in the central Alaska Range south of Fairbanks, Alaska, USA (63[degrees]55'N, 145[degrees]25'W).
Most managers and researchers now studying Dall's sheep recognize that harvest figures actually tracked population trends that were regulated by major weather patterns.
The good news is that if you want to sheep hunt, of the four species of mountain sheep, Dall's sheep have historically been the least expensive to hunt and tags are available.
By far, the state of Alaska holds the largest population of Dall's sheep (estimated to be 70,000 animals) and consequently ranks No.
The 45 Dall's sheep I am watching-rams, ewes and lambs-are gathered on a rocky cliff about a quarter mile away from where I am standing on the other side of the frozen Koyukuk River.
The Dall's sheep, named for nineteenth-century naturalist William H.
Of the 60,000 to 90,000 Dall's sheep that range throughout the mountains of northwestern Canada and Alaska, 15,000 live in this range.
I started my journey to complete the slam with a Dall's sheep hunt.
ALASKA'S Dall's sheep continue to do well, and so do Stone's and Dali's sheep in the Yukon Territory.
Dall's sheep are found in the south and west in numbers that rival the highest densities anywhere, and the large-bodied mountain caribou live in the southern half of the Yukon while the more petite barren ground caribou reside in the northern half.
Disgruntled, I booked a Dall's sheep hunt with a Yukon outfitter, opting for my first guided sheep hunt.
It was probably the hungry part more than a desire to tag a world record Dall's sheep with my smokepole, but whatever motivated us worked.
Cheapest or not, a Dall's sheep hunt will still set the hunter back a pretty penny--$7,500 to more than $12,000.
It's one thing to book with the wrong outfitter when there's not much money involved, but the investment alone means you should choose carefully when you're paying for a Dall's sheep hunt.