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Les linteaux dits de Thala Borivat'; Dalet, 'Recherches archeologiques au Cambodge; Dupont, 'Les linteaux khmers'; Levy, 'Thala Borivat ou Stu'n Tren'; Hiram W.
Since dalet and resh look similar, some readers of the genealogical works written in antiquity would read it with dalet, while others would read it with a resh.
The difference in the consonantal text between the two options can be explained by scribal error giving a resh for a dalet.
Nur Masalha demonstrates that between 1930 and 1948 the Zionist Movement planned the forcible transfer of the indigenous Palestinian population in nine different strategies, starting with the 1930 Weizmann Transfer Scheme up to Plan Dalet carried out in 1948.
When Plan Dalet, the master plan through which most of Palestine was violently conquered, was implemented following the calculated departure of the British forces, the capture of Yafa became the culmination of a violent campaign.
Other exhibitors who have confirmed their participation include AARIS, Akamai, Brightzone, Coship, Dalet, Dayang, DB Broadcast, Elber, Envivio, Gospell, Imagine Communications and GatesAir, Limelight, mStar, NEC, Pace, Pilat Media, Playbox, Ross Video, Screen Systems, Skyworth, Telestream, Thomson Networks, Toshiba, VIZRT, Wasp3D and Wohler.
Pappe based his assumptions on the Plan Dalet and on village files as a proof of the planned expulsions.
The coin bears the letters yod, heh and dalet in Aramaic script, but details of its iconography--such as the dotted square enclosing the central design of prancing lions on the reverse--are more typical of Philistian coinage.
Tokyo, Apr 8, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Sony announces its strategic partnership with Dalet Digital Media Systems (based in France) as part of the ongoing mission to develop extensible high-capacity archiving solutions, named Optical Disc Archive for the video and broadcasting industries.
In his book The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Pappe explained Plan Dalet, how the dispossession and expulsion of the native population of 750,000 Arabs from over 500 villages was pre-meditated.
Esta estrategia es conocida a traves del Plan Dalet, que contenia un repertorio de metodos de limpieza.
He states the following: "the affricated dalet has a tendency to assimilate," (38) to which a footnote is appended on [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] that begins with the following sentence: "Given these cases of a fricative dalet .
The scheme, activated during Israel's War of Independence, was, in Pappe's view, based on principles and methods outlined in Plan Dalet (Four) of the Haganah.