Dalbergia sissoo

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East Indian tree whose leaves are used for fodder

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The plant growth studies were carried out under glass house conditions using Dalbergia sissoo (Roxb.
The average soil Pb concentration in the -1 the Dalbergia sissoo tree was undertaken at Lucknow, India by [14] .
Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) colonization in five tropical forest tree legumes (Gliricidia sepium, Dalbergia sissoo, Indigofera tysmanii, Delonix regia and Samanea saman) was investigated in Chittagong University (CU) campus.
Common Name Scientific Name 1 Ashok Polyalthia longifolia 2 Sonmohar Peltophorum pterocarpum 3 Gulmohar Delonix regia 4 Karanj Pongamia pinnata 5 Neem Azardirachta indica 6 Wild Badam Terminalia catappa 7 Sissoo Dalbergia sissoo 8 Kanchan Bauhinia purpurea 9 Bakul Mimusops elengi 10 Silver Oak Graviella robusta 11 Palas Butea monosperma 12 Arjun Terminalia arjuna 13 Moha Madhuca longifolius var.
Riverine forests dominate the banks of the rivers Rapti, Narayani and Reu and are composed of khair Acacia catechu and shisam Dalbergia sissoo trees interspersed with grasslands and dense shrubs.
BAP is reported to have favored axillary shoot proliferation from cotyledonary nodes of several other tree species including Sterculia urens [8], Dalbergia sissoo [9], Achras sapota [10], and Punica granatu [11].
Dalbergia sissoo, Sophora alopecuroides, and Lathyrus pratensis were selected using cheminformatic strategy and for the rest chemical data were used.
Effects of Dalbergia sissoo extracts, rhizobium and nitrogen on germination, growth and yield of Vigna radiata.
Researchers have discovered that Dalbergia sissoo and Calotropis procera are the ideal plant species to monitor lead and carbon in the air, as lead and carbon mostly come from vehicle exhaust pollution.
In Terai, Inner Terai, Dun, Chure, and Bhabar, we find forests with Shorea robusta (Sal), Dalbergia sissoo (Sisso), Acacia catechu (Khair), Terminalia alata (Asna), Ficus religiosa (Pipal), Ficus indicus (Bar), bamboo, chestnut, Bombax ceiba (Simal), and many other tropical tree species.
e) Plantation: Extensive plantations of Acacia catechu, Ailanthus excelsa, Bombax ceiba, Dalbergia sissoo, Eucalyptus citriodora, and Tectona grandis have been raised as gap planting as well as after clear felling.
citrella; entretanto, as citacoes sao para Dalbergia sissoo e para Jasminum spp.
lal botal brush), Dalbergia sissoo (shisham), Eugenia operculata,