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a member of the Siouan people of the northern Mississippi valley

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the Siouan language spoken by the Dakota

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Officials in North Dakota issued a no-travel advisory for the eastern part of the state due to icy roads and reduced visibility.
If, as historian Harry Stout has recently argued, war is the norm rather than the aberration in American national life, how are we to understand the transformations experienced in 1862 by missionaries and Dakotas as part of a larger American story?
We did not document domestic livestock species in diets of cougars obtained from prairie and agricultural landscapes of the Dakotas.
"I think all the non-treaty nations have to unite and work this out, because Canada is not just refusing and neglecting and discriminating against Dakotas, there's other nations without treaties going through the same process," he said.
There are plenty of Bob Shadwells in the Dakotas, people whose Missouri River recreation businesses need water in the worst way from federally managed dams.