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a member of the Siouan people of the northern Mississippi valley

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the Siouan language spoken by the Dakota

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This constitutional carry legislation will further protect the Second Amendment rights of South Dakotans."
"I will continue to fight to protect North Dakotans from the completely unfair practice of air ambulances balance billing individuals with health insurance," Godfread said in the department's announcement.
The North Dakotans are the key to any problems that will affect the national parks of North Dakota.
Jack Dalrymple said North Dakotans will "open their minds very quickly" once they "have the opportunity to get some exposure and some experience with new people." The state is 90 percent white, 2 percent black and has the country's lowest lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender population at 1.7 percent.
"North Dakota's most valuable resource is not wheat or livestock--nor coal--but people," Berg begins boldly, adding that North Dakotans display "high moral character" and are "as a whole, honest, hardworking, neighborly, generous, optimistic, and courageous." Dedicated to her "land and people," Berg's pictorial history goes on to include "pride" and "productivity" in a long list of traits associated with her forebears.
North Dakotans on Tuesday rejected a controversial measure that would have made their state the first in the nation to abolish property taxes.
To fill the positions, the governor has created the "1,000 New South Dakotans" initiative.
He identifies the core principles of Dakotans' republicanism as inculcating personal virtue, promoting the interests of the commonwealth over personal gain, fighting corruption, and celebrating the agrarian tradition.
Federal health officials estimate that almost 27 percent of North Dakotans are obese, a condition linked to higher rates of heart disease, diabetes and other health problems.
The nonprofit company, the state's dominant insurer, says it provides health care coverage to more than 375,000 North Dakotans and 75,000 nonresidents.
Seventeen North Dakotans have received the Medal of Honor for actions in combat, including Master Sgt.
In North Dakota, the shepherding industry is taking action: It's trying to entice a new generation to tend the sheep by awarding high school and elementary school students their own "starter flocks." North Dakotans from 10 to 18 who write winning essays about their interest in the sheep industry will each receive 10 ewes (female sheep].
Like most cities of similar size and location, the "F-M area" boasts a number of factoids that make for interesting fillers in Chamber of Commerce pamphlets: the Red River, which divides Fargo from Moorhead and North Dakota from Minnesota, is the only river other than the Nile to flow from south to north; fully one in six North Dakotans call Fargo home; the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly died in a plane crash while bound for Fargo in 1959; the movie Fargo was not filmed in Fargo (in fact, it wasn't even set in Fargo).
As a direct result, ASNE noted, an initiative was put on the ballot, and South Dakotans voted to limit the use of state aircraft.
Approximately 90% of South Dakotans 25 years and older have earned a high school diploma, ranking South Dakota 14th in the nation.