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the business of a dairy

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EXPERTS from Newcastle University have teamed up with supermarket chain Morrisons to look at practical ways for dairy farms to slash their energy bills.
Critics also argue large-scale dairy farms could squeeze out the smaller-scale family dairy farm.
Only about 1% of dairy farms are run like this and I have visited such farms.
"These figures underline our fears for the traditional Welsh dairy farm which has declined sharply in numbers from 2,727 in 2006 to 2,094 last year," said Mr Huws.
As a result Yorkshire and the North-East has seen the number of dairy farms fall from 2,371 in 2000 to 1,367 in 2005.
The first two men to chair the AgriScot event have been invited to judge this year's Scottish Dairy Farm of the Year award.
Barns across dairy farms in the UAE have been kitted out with overhead coolers, wall mounted fans and curtains that block out the sun completely.
'Eight modern dairy farms have been established in the district in the last few years where owners imported cows from Australia, Holland and the United States.
Little Shrawardine Farm is one of six UK dairy farms working with Aldi to participate in Open Farm Sunday - an initiative supported by Aldi's Dairy Partnership programme.
9 was just one more clobbering for the region's dairy farms.
It was producing only 12 litres of milk," Muriuki says, noting that he later gathered expertise from numerous visits to thriving dairy farms in Meru and Githunguri.
According to Tsai, local people are reluctant to seek employment on dairy farms because of the heavy workload and a fear of big animals.
MANAMA: Intertek, a quality assurance provider, has awarded Bahrain's Peninsula Dairy Farms the ISO 22716:2007 certification for good manufacturing practices for cosmetics.