Dail Eireann

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the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic


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And it is not as a soldier that Collins was more influential, but as Minister for Finance in the newly-elected Dail Eireann, the authors argue.
"They have watched aghast the conduct in Dail Eireann (Irish parliament) of political parties.
Jerusalem / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh for PNN -- Irish opposition leader Enda Kenny said Saturday that he "condemns and deplores the Israeli actions in Jerusalem." The Leader of the Opposition in Dail Eireann and of the Fine Gael party condemned Israeli measures against the residents of Jerusalem from the demolition of houses to the seizure and confiscation of land and property.
As they bury the pretty mum of one, they don't care about who sits in office in Dail Eireann. All they care about is why a man who was supposed to be in jail was free to walk the streets before killing Donna.
It refused to take its seats and seceded to form an Irish parliament in Dublin, the Dail Eireann, which declared Ireland an independent republic.
'Breaking people's legs, while at the same time going into Dail Eireann (the Irish parliament) and making speeches about human rights is vomit-making.'
The House of Representatives (Dail Eireann) has 166 seats and members are elected by popular vote on the basis of proportional representation to serve five-year terms
WHEN SINN FEINS ELECTED representatives withdrew from the British Parliament in 1919 and formed Dail Eireann, they endeavored to establish themselves as an alternate government to the British authorities in Dublin Castle.
Ireland would prosper, he said when first elected to Dail Eireann, when the profits earned in business and industry improved and kept on improving.
"Since when did the stakeholders' forum take precedence over Dail Eireann in matters of legislation?
"I think it's a very serious incident and I think it's an appalling vista to be doing your job as a garda or usher in Dail Eireann and to be seriously injured."
PADDY POWER founder Stewart Kenny has launched a stinging attack on Horse Racing Ireland as the fallout from last Wednesday's meeting at Dail Eireann continues.
Otherwise wee Daniel could well visit Dail Eireann and sing his Greatest Hits.
The counter-state, represented by its government, Dail Eireann, lasted from January 1919 until the Irish Free State was set up in 1922, the year when the Anglo-Irish Treaty was ratified.