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the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic


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It just shows you the sense of entitlement some politicians feel when you think how some of them failed to even bother settling up g p p their Dail bar tabs.
Mr O'Brien went to the High Court after the Dail committee rejected his objections about the TDs' actions.
Mae'r gwahanol liwiau a'r amrywiaeth yn y lliwiau i'w gweld yn dibynnu ar faint o gloroffyl sy'n weddill yn y ddeilen Mae 'na newidiadau eraill hefyd sy'n digwydd 'run pryd ag mae'r dail yn troi eu lliw.
Dail earned his bachelor degree in pharmacy in 1998 from King Saud University in Riyadh, while he obtained his master's degree from the same university in business administration in 2003.
In the NCHC, Dail headed the Science and Math Committee, for instance, while I worked on Honors Semesters, but we always found a way to merge the roles, as in the NCHC Faculty Institute we co-facilitated on "Island as Text: Coastal Ecology and Culture" on Skidaway and Tybee Islands in 2003.
Amrita, a student, had started a relationship with a man and had offered him pounds 10,000 and pounds 15,000 with the help of Dail to kill her father, but there was no evidence he had been involved.
Dail said the tracking system "is very elaborate, and it allows us to better manage and make decisions to ship critical supplies to the troops that really need them in fighting locations."
Dail said his staff had to break down an "informational wall" that existed between officials in the US and the forces operating oversees.
Under the leadership of Michael Collins, the newly appointed Minister of Finance, the Dail in late 1919 began the process of soliciting an internal loan to fund the activities of the insurgent Sinn Fein government.
In his Budget speech, the Dail Minister for Finance, Charlie McCreevy, made no mention of betting tax or of any other matters directly concerning the thoroughbred or greyhound industries.
A HIGH-TECH voting system being introduced to the Dail will read palm prints of individual TDs.
As the counting of votes continued, a "hung" Dail - the Irish parliament - seemed inevitable.