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an ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan

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On June 28, 2016, the threat of jihadi blowback from foreign fighters from the former Soviet bloc in Syria was underscored when a Chechen-led group of Uzbek, Dagestani, and Kyrgyz Islamic State terrorists launched an assault on Istanbul's Ataturk airport, killing 42.
Summary: Chechen, Dagestani, and other foreign fighters from Russia's North Caucasus region (and Georgia's Chechen-inhabited Pankisi Gorge) have formed some of the most formidable insurgent groupings in Syria's conflict despite their small numbers.
However, Cormier believes it is no match for the Dagestani native, citing how in Ferguson's last fight at UFC 216, he was mounted by a staph-infected Kevin Lee, who could have ended the fight in the first round if there was more time left on the clock.
International medals could also be found on Armenian cognacs, Dagestani dessert wines, Crimean sherries and ports, and Moldovan Feteasca Albas, often many vintages removed from the winner.
Azerbaijan's location in the Islamic world is at a crossroad of, and surrounded by, a variety of theatres of Islam and range of Islamic identities: Iranian Shiite, Turkish (most of them belonging to Sunni branch), Russian (Dagestani), as well as Arabic (3).
Given that the Chinese and other East Asian migrants mostly settle east of the Urals, and most blogs are produced in the European part of Russia where East Asians are not widely mentioned, we leave out the Chinese and define the groups of migranty as follows: (1) Central Asians (aziaty), including Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyzs, and Turkmen (but not Kazakhs, as "a different scenario" ["Special Report," 2004]); (2) North Caucasians, including Dagestani, Chechens, Ingushi, Ossetians, and the pejorative "kavkaztsy" (Caucasians); and (3) South Caucasians, including Azerbaijani (azery), Armenians, Georgians, and the pejorative "kavkaztsy."
sativa Cannabis sativa Yomba Nigeria industrial hemp 153,854 (Africa) Cannabis sativa Carmagnola (Italy) industrial hemp 153,867 Cannabis sativa Dagestani (Russia) industrial hemp 153,871 Cannabis sativa Purple Kush pure indica 152,942 (Western USA) medical cultivar Cannabis sativa LA Confidential pure indica 153,805 subsp.
Abdul Kareem Al Selwady won the main event with a first round submission victory over - Rami Aziz, and shocking the world, Dagestani fighter Gazhimusa Gaziev knocked-out the undefeated Brazilian fighter Thiago Vieira -- having taken the fight on five days' notice.
Makhacheva's footage of tournament matches and interviews with dog owners fills two screens, while the third loops excerpts of a Soviet-era documentary on Ali Aliev, a five-time world champion freestyle wrestler who was the first Dagestani competitor to participate in the Olympics.
Its founders tried to emulate the famous Dagestani jamaat of the 1990s that was comprised of four villages (Karamakhi, Chabanmakhi, Chankurbe, and Kadar) where Sharia order was installed.
The paragraph describing a typical Dagestani wedding was classified as 'Confidential,' meaning that its release 'reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.' The paragraph included the following classified observations: 'Dagestani weddings ...
SANA'A, May 09 (Saba) - Army has killed a Dagestani al-Qaeda explosive expert and arrest two French al-Qaeda members, in southern provinces, military official said Friday.
* In mid-January 2013, a Dagestani Supreme Court judge was killed, with the Caucasus Emirate's Dagestani branch, the Dagestan Vilayet, taking responsibility.
First, one should know that the main Muslim minorities in Russia are not Chechen or Dagestani (from North Caucasus) but rather Tatar (the 2nd ethnic group in Russia, and a third of the Russian Muslims) and Bashkir (the 4th ethnic group in Russia, 11% of the Muslims).