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chief Celtic god of the Tuatha De Danann

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(c-e) Mitochondrial morphology was analyzed using Dagda's method [26], as described in Materials and Methods.
Lake Dridzis is situated on the Hillock of Dagda of the Latgale Highland, in Skaista and Kombulu parishes, Kraslava Region.
Other small crops by Martino Alonso yielded Group 2 winner Dagda Mor, Listed scorer Marshade and the Group 2-placed Rumsfeld.
Por no hablar de los reconocimientos y premios que obtuvo dicho trabajo de investigacion, alguno tan importante como el Premio HG & T-Agaxet y la Medalla Dagda en la Categoria I + D y Formacion en la XIII Gala del Turismo y la Gastronomia de Galicia.
The only tendency highlighted by the estimates is the higher spring precipitation in eastern Latvia, which is deduced from relatively high observed precipitation at the stations Dagda (182 mm) and Griskani (174 mm).
The Morrigan and Dagda, Mother and Father deities, mate on Samhain in the Old Irish myth, Cath Maige Tuired, or The Battle of Moytura, linking Samhain with fertility.
In the Irish legends, there was a High King called Bodb Dearg, who was the eldest son of the Dagda, and the first High King after the Milesians conquered Ireland.
Angus searches for the dream maiden with his mother Boann and his father Dagda, but her existence never materializes; it is only when he employs the services of the king, Bov the red, king of the Danaans in Munster, that he is able to find the fleeting image of the maiden at the lake of the Dragon's mouth; there he is confronted with 150 maidens all chained with gold into pairs.
Ireland was mostly unknown to the classical scholars but has a strong Druidic tradition, remnantsThe Boyne Valley is the believed resting place of The Dagda, Father of the Gods.
Lire en outre le portrait moral peu flatteur de la Maitresse de la Cour d'Amours d'une part et, d'autre part, l'archetype de sa consceur, la magicienne, ou la nouvelle druidesse, calquee sur la divinite celtique de Brigitt, fille du Dieu Dagda, le Jupiter Gaulois.
According to these stories the prehistoric mound was won by a hero from an old Irish god, the Dagda, using a pun, a pun that plays on time and the sun.
19), on attendait, et on ne trouve pas, Zeus, Dis Pater (chez les Gaulois), Dagda Ollathair ([less than][less than]Pere universel[greater than][greater than]), Odhinn: c'est-a-dire les pnincipaux dieux ancetres indo-europeens ....