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What with credit and debit cards and the Daedalian wings of the Federal Reserve, there's hardly any money now.
He remained very active in numerous professional and veterans associations, to include the Order of Daedalians.
Heffernan concludes with the paradox that this key section of the Iliad "bears continual witness to the Daedalian power, complexity, and verisimilitude of visual art even as [Homer] aspires to rival that art in language .
Each public utterance, spirited salvo, and political maneuver that marked their daedalian relationship can be read historically as a new twist and turn in the quest to grapple with America's "amorphous character" and in so doing bind up American Jewish life, establish new intracommunal ties, ensure the community's welfare and advancement, and forge a common sense of purpose and vision for the future.
The Daedalian Room of the Hanscom Club was a beehive of activity as the team mapped out a "value stream" for the current RPA process, filling countless easel pads with diagrams of "touch points" for the RPA as it flows through the current process.
Given the worldwide terrorist threat, the devilish task of tracing internet trails with their complex encryption codes, the Daedalian webs that clever and dedicated people weave - politicians have declared that 28 days is quite enough for any old Inspector Clouseau to reach the end of the trail; indeed, if the police can't do it they should move over and allow them in to show them how to do the job.
Wolfe, he explains, is "a Daedalian artificer of formidable skill, who, nevertheless, seems determined to encourage the reader to fly metaphorically beyond his or her own initial limits" (206).
Writen by expert psychiatric consultant Michael Sperber, Cycles and Psyche uses Icarian and Daedalian imagery in its search to identify masked affective disorders in the great writer.
Daedalian Short Stories With Tragic Endings Their name means 'to show instinctive or inventive skill'.
In comparison, however, to Stephen's Daedalian flights in A portrait of the artist as a you ng man, the artistic education of its narrator is pedestrian and placid, contemplative, his epiphany reduced to the size of a pint.
Rather they are creating their own labyrinth as they induce its power; they are a labyrinth as they weave and counter-weave their progressively bewildering patterns in a display of Daedalian art.
Pindar's variegated art, be it the deft brushstrokes that pique our interest or the sumptuous folds of myth, is fundamentally, originally double--it is daedalian.
Selected for a Daedalian Fellowship in 1991, Colonel Nowak completed his master's degree in engineering at the University of Texas in Austin during the summer of 1992.
Steeped in the labyrinth's complex of symbolic associations, he was acutely conscious of its dual uses as temenos, the sacred enclosure, and Daedalian labyrinth, the maze prison.