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(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos


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And, as the second edition of the Carceri shows, he clung to the title, and to the Daedalean inheritance.
(12) In Faulkner's intertextual allegory the cyclops beacon is associated with Feinman/King Minos; the airport is the island of Crete; the streets of New Valois and the torturous airport pathways that wend "like a tedious argument/Of insidious intent" are the Daedalean labyrinth (Eliot 3); Shumann is Icarus.
'What would you like in your sandwiches, boys?' I asked, unprepared for the Daedalean task I was letting myself in for.
They always get lost, search but never find, are trapped in a Daedalean labyrinth, fall into abysses, run in circles, feel quixotically bewitched by magic, fall prey to sudden changes of mood, live in a world governed by Fortune, see 'death' lurking everywhere, tread on broken glass, cry for help with nobody around to hear them, and experience laughter for no obvious reason--all heightened by the fragmentary state of the text.
Icarus in the Boardroom, in other words, emphasizes Icarus, but the perspective is Daedalean. This Review, by contrast, emphasizes the ability of existing institutions to respond to the problems Skeel identifies, resisting the impulse to tinker with the system and federalize ever-greater amounts of corporate governance.