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(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos


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And, as the second edition of the Carceri shows, he clung to the title, and to the Daedalean inheritance.
12) In Faulkner's intertextual allegory the cyclops beacon is associated with Feinman/King Minos; the airport is the island of Crete; the streets of New Valois and the torturous airport pathways that wend "like a tedious argument/Of insidious intent" are the Daedalean labyrinth (Eliot 3); Shumann is Icarus.
I asked, unprepared for the Daedalean task I was letting myself in for.
They always get lost, search but never find, are trapped in a Daedalean labyrinth, fall into abysses, run in circles, feel quixotically bewitched by magic, fall prey to sudden changes of mood, live in a world governed by Fortune, see 'death' lurking everywhere, tread on broken glass, cry for help with nobody around to hear them, and experience laughter for no obvious reason--all heightened by the fragmentary state of the text.
Icarus in the Boardroom, in other words, emphasizes Icarus, but the perspective is Daedalean.