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a complex of females

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He has a lot of daddy issues because his father kicked him out for being a mutant, but that only taught him how not to act as a parent.
The work elicits giggles and uneasiness: daddy issues are after all both a reminder of systemic oppression under patriarchal structures but also of the privacy compromised as entertainment in this heavily networked age of oversharing.
Though there are countless familiar broad strokes - rebel escapes, Jedi soul-searching, daddy issues - 'The Last Jedi' has discovered some new moves yet, in the galaxy far, far away," the review added.
I often talk about how parents are the biggest educators of children and how children mirror what they see at home until, if at all, they learn better, but can we honestly believe that all of these violent criminals have daddy issues?
Then there's her father Zynbel bringing all the daddy issues home with great aplomb.
KA: One of my editors says I have daddy issues because I'm always trying to get rid of the dads, or they're not functioning at a very positive level.
It's so frustrating because I've heard so many disparaging comments and jokes about women and girls with 'daddy issues.'" Oredein said it made her want to further explore the role that fatherlessness has on women and girls, and its various implications.
Afterwards, she looks at Miguel, and he's shaggy and suave, devoted to all the right things, and she, with her buttoned-up daddy issues, is just waiting to let her hair down.
And a lot of girls that grew up with their daddy issues and with not having that figure in their life, you know, take a very different road and I just feel lucky that I'm not that girl.
We ask ourselves that genre question: Will he pull himself together and solve his daddy issues, stop acting like a jerk and win back yrem?
A Russian mobster in rhinoceros-shaped armour, a maligned Oscorp employee who can shoot electricity from his fingertips and an iconic green-skinned imp with daddy issues all vie for our attention.
Tate Archer is a bright, athletic, compassionate high school junior with a lot of "daddy issues." His father, a brilliant and disciplined man, is raising Tate alone and has extremely high expectations for his only child.
I have some daddy issues but I'm working through that with the shrink, who was also my last boyfriend.
That's kind of a harsh way of saying it, but so many of the films here are about teenagers and drug issues or daddy issues, and people want to see Iron Man [Jon Favreau, 2008].
The hero has special powers, sure, but also a loving daddy, a lovely wifey, an attractive moll and a villain with severe daddy issues. Only a pet poodle or parrot is missing.