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small long-bodied short-legged German breed of dog having a short sleek coat and long drooping ears

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Yes, I know logistically that this sounds impossible but apparently the collie was half way down the stairs and the dachsund took a leap of faith and well.
Las razas de tamano pequeno estan mas predispuestas a padecer la enfermedad, especialmente el Dachsund y Caniche, tambien el Samoyedo y los Terrier.
NATURAL POSE: Lee Fretter's photograph of dachsund Buster - Lee has mastered a technique of getting his subjects fairly relaxed and pliable as they go in front of the camera.
Jeanie McKenny, above, holding champion dachsund Margie, training them is a career for her daughter, (2) Tara B.
He represents the greyhound breed in an 80m race against an alsatian, a spaniel, a bulldog, a terrier and a dachsund, filmed at Walthamstow last month.
6-8 and 13-15 at the Sarasota Fairgrounds, this event offers all sorts of entertainment--a live band, German music and food, crafts, kids stuff, dachsund races and more.
I have a mini dachsund that was attacked by pit bulls when he was a pup and is incontinent as a result.
We regularly hear the cries of our 18-month old neighbor, the barking of the Dachsund across the way, and the turf-wars of many cats who share the same public space.