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Ol'ga Malinova-Tziafeta, Iz goroda na dachu: Sotsiokul'turnye faktory osvoeniia dachnogo prostranstva vokrug Peterburga (1860-1914) (From City to Dacha: Socio-Cultural Factors in the Incorporation of Dacha Space around St.
For a perspective on dachas from someone who lived there, check out www.
Thereafter, as Lovell shows, dachas became an established part of life for the nomenklatura and, in the post-war years, the locus of a distinct intelligentsia subculture.
Currently we are dealing with elite dachas (villas), flats, private jets and yachts but we are in talks to start a line in works of art.
When my friend gave me a tour of the village, I was surprised to learn that the owners of the neighboring dachas included Brezhnev's daugher Galina as well as Andrei Sakharov and Mstislav Rostropovich.
Lovell similarly reports how 'Trapped in tiny apartments and unable to afford better ones, many Muscovites chose to make the dachas their primary residences.
All along the road from the airport to downtown people were planting potatoes and other staples at their dachas, their outlying summer homes.
As it turned out, the hotel was outside Moscow, in the midst of a town of dachas, quiet and scenic.
The buildings were formerly dachas for the elite when Belarus was part of the Soviet empire
All those dachas and garden plots, people got them thanks to Soviet power.
Ballet dancers are not only cherished public figures in Russia, but they live in relative comfort and security: good clothes, the choicest of city apartments, summer dachas.
In the countryside just outside Moscow this spring I saw the dachas of the dollar millionaires.
Yeltsin accuses Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev of having public dachas.
All these marvelous things - dachas, rations, a stretch of seaside fenced off from everyone else - belong to the system.
During a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing on June 13, 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson indicated that the potential return of these two compounds, or dachas, is part of their ongoing negotiations with the Russian government.