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the capital and largest city of Bangladesh

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The capital of Bangladesh, Dacca will host the preparatory meetings for the 10th session of the Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers (Session of Regional Integration through Tourism), which will open on February 6 and conclude with the adoption of Dacca Declaration and a series of resolutions aimed at tourism development in the Muslim world.
A team of leading Hindu Advocates of Dacca High Court with all the local support was provided as well which was also arranged by the Government of India.
In the third week of November I got orders move Reinforcement (Rft) Camp Dacca immediately, for which I reported to the Rft Camp in Karachi on 19/20 November.
that intends to build two coal-fired power plants with a capacity of 600 megawatts (MW) each, 280 kilometers southeast of Dacca.
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Road From Furniture Yard Junction To Pubel Nagar I And Ii And Special Repair To Road At Dacca Colony Offrs Qtr At Masimpur Mil Stn
Historically, by June 1960, shortly after six months of opening its doors to the public, UBL had branches in: Karachi, Dacca Lahore, Lyallpur, Chittagong and Narayanganj.
The winners of this all competition will represent "CA Pakistan" in the SAFA students' Elocution and Quiz Contests, to be held in Dacca, Bangladesh, on January 22, 2017.
Bhutto, I had learnt, was staying at the newly built Dacca Intercontinental.
Bhutto speech advising the MNAs travelling to Dacca to attend the National Assembly session to buy just one way ticket as they won't be allowed to come back and their legs will be broken.
In 1954, Siddiqui obtained intermediate in engineering sciences from the University of Dacca.
In fact, Qamar reminded that India's first Test match in Pakistan was held in Dacca (now Dhaka) in January 1955, when the now Bangladesh was in erstwhile East Pakistan.
On August 15, 1975 Major Dalim broke the news over Dacca Radio that a coup had taken place : 'Under the leadership of Khondakar Mustaque Ahmed,the armed forces have taken over .
Le gouvernement refuse cependant de reconnaitre la presence de reseaux terroristes internationaux sur son sol et a impute l'attaque de Dacca a un groupe islamiste local interdit depuis une dizaine d'annees.
Los recientes atentados en los ultimos meses se han venido presentando en diversos lugares del planeta; todavia se recuerdan los acecidos en Paris, Londres, Estambul, Dacca, Orlando, Bruselas, Bangladesh; todos ellos sustentados en una red global de militantes que han burlado los servicios de inteligencia de los paises mas desarrollados, evidenciando asi sus carencias y derrumbando los mitos peliculescos construidos sobre ellos.
Villagers look at the remains of several homes in Manpura, Bangladesh, after a cyclone hit the area, 105 miles south of Dacca, on Nov.