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missionary work for Islam


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BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Chairman of Da'wa Parliamentary Block Khalaf Abdul Samad charged Turkey for supporting Da'ish organization, calling the Iraqi Parliament to have a stand for Turkish intention to interfere militarily in Iraq.
They include the Qur'an Oasis designed to make Madinah the "Islamic Cultural and Da'wa Center" with a special focus on Qur'an studies and part of a serious attempt to regain the historic, cultural and heritage identity of Madinah.
Al-Sanad said the first theme of the conference is "The Universal Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and His Message," which would include topics like the role of Islam in meeting human, spiritual and moral needs, Islam and the building of human civilization, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the unity of the nation, the global Islamic da'wa (causes and constituents) and the Islamic da'wa autonomy amidst time, space and race constraints.
For example, the Mamluk sources assert that the khatib was a stipended position under the judiciary rather than the Isma'ili da'wa. As well, the delivery of the sermon was not done by the chief missionary, but by a professional preacher.
Much of this activity--primarily da'wa (religious outreach) designed to expand the Salafist movement--has taken place under the auspices of Ansar al-Shari'a in Tunisia (AST), headed by veteran jihadist Saifullah bin Hassine (also known as Abu Iyadh al-Tunisi).
Al-Dhahrani also highlighted that Al-Ma'awda was and still keen to represent the tolerant Islamic character, and therefore he attained the Award, wishing him all success and progress, and continuous proceeding in his efforts in the area of Islamic Da'wa and political action to serve the Arab and Islamic nations.
The INA groups Iraq's largest Shi'ite Arab blocs including Dr Ja'fari's faction of al-Da'wa al-Islamiya (a rival of a Da'wa faction headed by PM Maleki - with al-Da'wa as a Shi'ite movement being split into several parts and most of them now have different names).
Khartoum, 26 Mars (SUNA) - L'Organisation de de Da'wa islamique et l'organisation (Save Sight) se sont mis d'accord sur un plan pour la mise en oeuvre la Convention sur l'elimination d la maladie.du trachome au Soudan Dr.
The protesters are defending the moderation of Islamic da'wa (call) as has been adopted for ages by Azharite preachers, expressing fear of fanatic Salafist preaching and of Muslim Brotherhood monopoly for the sake of their 'political interests'.
As members of a non-state group established through the parent organisation Markaz Da'wa Wal Irshad (Centre for Preaching and Guidance or MDI) in the 1980s (Tankel 2011), the LeT aimed to mobilise masses to participate in the jihad against the Indians.
Ithna'ashari (Twelver) Shi'ite da'wa started to spread in Gilgit, Nagar and later in Hunza.
The Da'wa dreamed not of a workers paradise but of a Shia paradise.
* Shiite Islamists: Ayatollah Sistani, ISCI, Da'wa, and Sadr Factions.
Maliki's Da'wa Party didn't join the biggest Shiite alliance list led by Ammar al-Hakim.
Islamic organizations described the great efforts exerted by Al-Sharif in defending Islamic issues and presenting Islam to the world in a framework of moderation and compassion.Kamel Al-Sharif, who was Secretary General of the International Islamic Council for Da'wa and Relief--one of the major Islamic organizations in the world, with headquarters in Cairo and an office in Amman--, served as Jordanian Ambassador to several countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Germany, Taiwan, and Pakistan.