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missionary work for Islam


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Literature is the tool of the Da'ee to get the Islamic message understood by the people (Murad, K., 2002).
An individual Da'ee through the course of his contacts should give personal touches in his growing relationship with the contractors.
If this is not the case, the Da'ee may switch over to someone else and make him the target of his Da'wah effort.
Patience and wisdom are the two most important weapons of a Da'ee. S/he is to continue his Da'wah activities ceaselessly with endurance, even in extremely hostile circumstances and against unpredictable odds that are inevitable landmarks when a Muslim makes genuine efforts towards the fulfillment of the objective of his life.
Issue oriented programmes are another aspect of Da'wah that needs serious attention of the Da'ee. It has the potential of generating an intellectual revolution in the country prior to its acceptance of Islam as a way of life.
A Da'ee needs these qualities of heart and mind more than anyone else in this world.
Under this collective Da'wah programme, a group of Da'ees contact--through door-to-door campaign.
Through this process, the Da'ees will develop their own directory, streetwise and area wise, in due course, with information about thousands of people.