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a set of standards adopted by the moving pictures experts group for the compression of digital video and audio data or a file of data compressed according to those standards

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Full extended DVR functionality is enabled with the connection of a USB external hard drive, providing the ultimate choice in personal storage capacity.
DVR shares are like ordinary shares, but with fewer voting rights.
We're taking our award-winning Total Home DVR service one step further to bring customers an even better DVR experience," said Jeff Weber, vice president of video services, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.
Shut off the power to the DVR and take the generator offline.
TV industry since cable operators could offer DVR-like services, including rewind and fast-forward at a fraction of the cost necessary to buy a conventional DVR with a hard drive.
The DVR has driven up the demand for high capacities so that today drives are available with up to 400GB--which can record up to 400 hours of standard TV and more than 40 hours of high-definition video.
Typically, they will also allow viewing of live and previously recorded video from multiple cameras without interrupting the more critical recording process, Prices for an 8 or 9 camera DVR currently range from $2,000 to $5,000.
The higher frequency of viewing makes DVR watchers a valuable commodity for networks, and TiVo signed with Nielsen Media Research this week to provide viewership data to them.
DSC can also help with compatibility testing between the hard drive and optical storage vendors whose products are also becoming integrated into DVR units.
This DVR gives you four folders in which to store 99 files each--a whopping 396 individual files.
The minimum torque in the rheometer is considerably lower for the DVR prepared from larger particle size crumb.
Taken from our annual syndicated study, State of Cable and Digital Media 2012, the FOCUS: VOD, DVR, HDTV 2012 report presents data on subscription, usage of, and satisfaction with VOD, DVR, and HD services.
These new innovations, which include AnyRoom DVR and an upgraded on-screen program guide that enables customers to remotely program their DVR while online, coincide with the release of Comcast's second annual "TV Pulse Survey," an independent nationwide survey conducted by International Communications Research, revealing that more consumers than ever before plan to watch their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere, using time-shifting technologies such as Digital Video Recorders, video-on-demand and the Internet.
Aside from their recreational viewing, serious anglers will use Aqua-Vu DVR technology to create video logs of their favorite fishing grounds in hopes of learning repeatable fishing patterns.
It's a world of increasingly sophisticated on-demand viewing and the video industry invests heavily in DVR rollouts to meet a growing subscriber desire for on-demand content," said Anthony Landamia, Executive Director at SeaChange.